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Food Review: McDonald’s Jalapeno Double

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In this Food Review post, I am reviewing a new McDonald’s product, with the help of a gift card they sent me.  McDonald’s has been in the news as more and more people are skipping fast-food joints like McDonald’s and going to fast causal places like Five Guys or Panera Bread.  McDonald’s has released a new item on their dollar menu & more called the Jalapeno Double.  The burger comes with 2 beef patties, white cheddar cheese, ranch sauce, crispy and sliced jalapenos, all on a sesame seed bun.  At least this McDonald’s location put this on a sesame seed bun!


After getting the burger, you see an amble amount of sliced jalapenos but not enough of the crispy jalapenos.  As for the ranch sauce, they just dabbed some in the middle, I wished they would spread the sauce out.


After trying the burger, I thought there was a lot of heat, and the burger was very good!  The burger will not cause your mouth to go on fire, and the ranch sauce helps to cool down your mouth from the spicy jalapenos.  The jalapenos had a pickled and tangy taste, and McDonald’s lets you add jalapenos to any burger on their menu for a small charge, I might try jalapenos on their Big Mac!


The white cheddar was good and the ranch sauce was creamy.  Overall, I thought the  Jalapeno Double is a great addition to their menu, and for $2 plus tax, it’s a great deal too!  I can see that McDonald’s is trying to overhaul their menu with new items you might find at another place that is fast causal.  I am curious to see what McDonald’s comes out with next!  For now, the Jalapeno Double gets a recommendation from me, you go try it!

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