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Food Review: McDonald’s Bacon ClubHouse Burger

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The fine folks from McDonald’s sent me another $5 gift card to go try a new product they are featuring.  You have probably seen this commercial on TV featuring LeBron James in an exclusive club where you are only invited if you are really famous.  The commercial is for McDonald’s new Bacon ClubHouse Burger.

The new Bacon ClubHouse Burger features Applewood smoked bacon, caramelized grilled onions, white cheddar, crisp leaf lettuce, and fresh tomato.  The burger also comes with a 100% pure beef quarter pounder patty, and McDonald’s famous Big Mac sauce.  The burger is topped on their new artisan roll, which is something very new for McDonald’s.  Even better, the franchise gave out coupons for a free medium fry and medium drink if you purchased the new Bacon ClubHouse burger.  So I got the burger, medium fry and drink, and a McChicken, and I only had to pay about $1.50, what a deal!


Before I give my honest review, I have an confession.  I do not like the Big Mac sauce (cue the screams).  I have tried it, but I have never liked it.  I guess the mayonnaise and pickle relish is something my taste buds don’t like.  So I ordered the new burger, with no Big Mac sauce on the burger.  I did get some sauce on the side and tried one bite with the sauce.  My opinion about the burger, it works!  The artisan roll was very good and toasted, I wish McDonald’s would serve this new roll on all of their burgers!


The caramelized grilled onions tasted very good on this burger.  This is something new for McDonald’s, and I wish they would expand the onions to their other products.  I could tell they used some more spices for this burger, because I saw the spices in the box the burger came in, combine that with the bacon, cheese, and other toppings, and this burger is a winner!  McDonald’s is wanting to introduce new products that you might see in sit down national chain restaurants, and I think this is a great start for the golden arches.


I did try one bite of the burger with the Big Mac sauce, and I did not like it, since I am not a fan of the Big Mac sauce.  The employees at the local McDonald’s have said they loved the burger with the sauce, but it’s up to your personal taste.  The one great thing about McDonald’s today, is you can customize any menu item to your taste!  You could not do that 20-30 years ago!  I recommend the new Bacon ClubHouse and Chicken ClubHouse burgers!  It’s a new grown up taste from a fast-food joint that has playgrounds in many of their locations.  Learn more about the new ClubHouse line at:

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