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Love Dexter, CSI and Mindhunter? Here Are Some Careers For You

We’ve all watched so many amazing programs now, watching how crime investigators solve, or in Dexter’s case commit and cover up or frame others. They are fascinating – no doubt and most […]

View The Alabama’s Safest And Most Dangerous Cities Infographic

The website Safe Choice Security have come with some interesting findings.  The site listed the 15 safest cities in Alabama.  And the site has listed the 15 most dangerous cities in Alabama.  So […]

Here Are Four Ways To Fix The Alabama Prison Problems

Alabama’s prisons are in deep trouble!  There have been countless stories on other sites ranging from the overcrowding, to the abuses at the women’s prison, to the lack of staff to keep […]

Tips For Having A Safe Christmas Season

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas is next Tuesday and I know just about everyone will be out shopping for the last-minute Christmas gifts this weekend!  Personal property […]

Sunday Discussion: Anniston’s Future

I am glad that Vaughn Stewart won the mayor seat in Anniston.  Plus many city councilmen are going to be replaced as well including the controversial Ben Little.  Many people are commenting online about […]

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