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Why The SEC Network Is Required In The Southeast


On August 14th, SEC Network will launch, and the launch is going to be big!  Since the Southeastern Conference is a football powerhouse, and the SEC has fans all across America and the world.  The SEC Network is a channel that basically must be carried on all cable and satellite providers, especially in the southeast!  If any cable or satellite providers do not carry the SEC Network when August 14th rolls around, that provider can expect many subscribers to cancel their service, the passion for SEC Football is that deep!

Here in Alabama, not being able to see Alabama or Auburn play on TV because the local cable and satellite failed to pick up the SEC Network is like shooting yourself in the foot, because people will switch providers to be able to chant War Eagle or Roll Tide.  So far, most cable and satellite providers have announced that they will pick up SEC Network when the channel launches on August 14th.  And for the ones who have not announced a deal to carry the SEC Network, they are getting tons of comments from people on social media, I am looking at you DirecTV!

Today, even Cable One announced they are going to carry the SEC Network.  And other providers are still in negotiations.  Charter is still trying to finalize a deal, Suddenlink has not made a announcement about the SEC Network, Verizon FIOS has no deal to carry SEC Network as well.  So far, DirecTV has gotten the most criticism on social media for not finalizing a deal to carry the SEC Network.  Some DirecTV subscribers have already cancelled their service because no deal to carry the network has been made.  And many more subscribers have threatened to cancel their DirecTV service if the SEC Network is not carried on August 14th.

Let’s make this simple and painless, if you want to operate a cable or satellite provider in Alabama and the southeast, you must have the SEC Network in your lineup, or you will not be staying in business for very long!  Football is a big thing in the southeast, and DirecTV, Suddenlink, Verizon FIOS, and other providers with no announcement to carry the SEC Network needs to make an announcement ASAP.  Each day closer to launch day on August 14th, more and more people are going to drop your service and switch to someone who will carry the SEC Network.  It’s this simple, carry the SEC Network, or lose a lot of your customers, the choice is yours!

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  1. Verizon told me they’ll be up and running by the first game..they’ll have till then or I’pm switching to Time Warner/Brighthouse which carries it so I can watch the Gators. I live in Florida so this is important for me to be able to watch all the great teams in the SEC, others are voicing their concerns to Verizon, add it or we’re gone! Good article man!