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The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Texas Gets Held Up At SEC Security

With the breaking news that Oklahoma and Texas have both reached out about joining the SEC, fans across the country are already calling it a done deal. But with so much bad […]

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The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – SEC Teams Get Their Final Season Report Cards

The end of the 2019 season has finally arrived and now SEC teams must look around and evaluate how they did. Lucky for them, their teacher is providing them with end of […]

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The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – What If SEC Teams Had Their Fortune Read Before Season

The SEC is a tough conference to play in.  So, what if some fans of their favorite teams went to a fortune teller machine for predictions?  SEC Shorts did just that as […]

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The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Teams Get Single Wish From SEC Fairy Godmother

Welcome to the first full week of college football!  And that means your SEC teams have wishes for the upcoming season.  SEC Shorts brought in a SEC Fairy Godmother, and man these […]

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View The SEC Bowl Games / Alabama Bowl Games 2014 Infographic

Yep, the college football bowl season is almost here!  In this infographic, you can view the schedules for the three Alabama based bowl games, all of the SEC bowl games, and the […]

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Why The SEC Network Is Required In The Southeast

On August 14th, SEC Network will launch, and the launch is going to be big!  Since the Southeastern Conference is a football powerhouse, and the SEC has fans all across America and […]

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My Winning Pick For The Auburn Vs. Florida State BCS National Championship Game

Tonight is the night!  Tonight on ESPN, #1 Florida State will meet #2 Auburn for the BCS National Championship and the crystal ball!  If you live in Alabama or Florida, you should […]

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Some Crazy Reactions From The 2013 Iron Bowl Outcome

Last Saturday, Auburn shocked the world with the miracle Iron Bowl win.  The last-minute of the football game was just pure awesome!  Auburn scored a touchdown to tie the game, and I […]

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