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Food Review: Sbarro Frozen Pizza

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Earlier this year, the local Sbarro inside the mall here in town closed down.  It was a sad day because I loved their pizza, and Sbarro closed down many of their mall locations nationwide.  With Sbarro closed down, the nearest restaurant is over 50 miles away!

Now, Sbarro is making it up to those people who live far away from their restaurants with their frozen pizza line!  The frozen pizza from Sbarro features the same dough, sauce, and toppings as what you find in their stores, but frozen.

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The Sbarro recipe comes from the Sbarro family who emigrated from Naples, and yes they brought the best of Italy with them. They made handmade dishes at their Brooklyn Salumeria and it drew customers from near and far for a true taste of Italy. Over 50 years later, they have many locations nationwide and they have a frozen pizza line too.

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The pizza comes all wrapped up in plastic, and after unwrapping, it looks like this.

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So, after I followed the directions and baked the pizza.  The crust was crunchy and good, the cheese and pepperoni was good, and I did taste chunks of tomato in the sauce, but I thought there was a little bit too much tomato sauce.  I paid around $5 for the Sbarro pizza and after trying it, I thought it was okay.

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I still have my favorite frozen pizza brand, Home Run Inn, that was an excellent frozen pizza!  But if I want a taste of Sbarro pizza, without driving over 50 miles to one of their nearest restaurants, I might grab a Sbarro frozen pizza.

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Find Sbarro frozen pizzas at Wal-Mart.  Learn more at:

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