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Sunday Discussion: Remember Our Veterans On Memorial Day

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Most of us are now out on vacation, on the beach, on the lake, or enjoying the outdoors on Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the Summer season.  So, while you are out enjoying the people, BBQ’s, and the parties, please remember what Memorial Day is all about, our veterans!  This video from the Marines is a great video about why we should remember the real meaning of Memorial Day.

So, if you see or know a veteran, please thank them for their service.  If we did not have the brave men and women defending our country, we would not be celebrating the unofficial start of Summer!  Veterans today are going through some tough times, from unemployment, addictions, homelessness, and other problems.  Even some veterans are being mistreated at the VA.  America needs to treat our veterans with more respect.  The way we treat some veterans today is horrible, people in America should be ashamed of themselves.

Thankfully, some people are helping our veterans!  Organizations like the National Veterans Foundation, DAV, Veterans Support Organization, Veterans Helping Veterans Now, and more, are helping veterans transition from the military to civilian life.  If you can, you should make a donation to one of these great organizations!  To wrap up this post, enjoy this video from TheFineBros where they had elders watch a homeless veteran go through a transformation, happy Memorial Day!

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