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Alabamians On Reality Shows: Summer 2014 Edition


Summer is here!  And that means TV premieres a bunch of new reality shows!  So Geek Alabama is going to make another list of people in Alabama you should look for on TV!  It’s time for another edition of Alabamians On Reality Shows.

Jersey Belle


Birmingham resident Jaime Primak Sullivan will be starring in her own Bravo TV series this Summer!  The show will be called Jersey Belle, and here is the description from Bravo.

A classic fish-out-of-water tale, this docu-series follows outspoken New Jersey native and Hollywood publicist, Jaime Primak Sullivan, as she navigates life in the upscale southern suburb of Mountain Brook, Alabama.  Jaime’s life was turned upside down after she married the town’s ‘most eligible’ bachelor.  Despite the help of her girlfriends, who are determined to sculpt Jaime into a southern darling, Jaime can’t help but speak her mind — often to hilarious results.  Can Jaime keep her Jersey cool in the Deep South, or will her southern-bred BFFs finally turn her into a true-blue Alabama belle?

Jaime runs Bridge & Tunnel Entertainment, and the show will premiere on Bravo later this Summer!  Learn more at:

Follow Jaime Primak Sullivan on Twitter @JaimePrimak

Martie Duncan


Remember Martie Duncan from Alabama who was on the Next Food Network Star?  Guess what, she is back on Food Network, and she could be back in the running to have her own show on Food Network.  Martie is cooking in an online series called Star Salvation.  Each week, Martie, Chad, and the eliminated contestant from the TV show, will compete in a challenge, and the worst performer goes home.  After six weeks, the person left will be back on Food Network Star, where they could win their own show!  Here is episode one, parts one and two.

Good luck Martie!  Learn more about Food Network Star at:

Follow Martie Duncan on Facebook at: and on Twitter @MartieParty

American Bible Challenge


Kory Van Matre, Harrison Hughes, and Seth Brasher are students in the University of Mobile.  And on Thursday June 5th, Team Rhymz With Grace, who are playing on behalf of Home of Grace, a faith-based alcohol and drug recovery program in Eight Mile, AL, will appear on Game Show Network competing to win money for the charity!  The show is hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Gospel musician Kirk Franklin.  The team did a video called Thrift Shop – Christian Remix, it’s worth a watch!

Learn more about the team at:

Jaycob Curlee


A graduated high school student has stunned the judges on America’s Got Talent, and he had a great performance, here is a look!

Jaycob recently graduated from Daphne High School, but he has a deep backstory.  Jaycob’s original parents were drug abusers and at age 5 he and his sister were put into foster care.  At age 8, Jaycob and his sister were adopted by Kathy and Stephen Curlee.  Jaycob has a great voice, and I think he is going to have a great music career!  Hope he wins America’s Got Talent!  Learn more about Jaycob’s Story at:

Follow Jaycob Curlee on Twitter @JaycobCurlee

Dustin’s Dojo


They might be from Pensacola, but it’s close enough to Alabama.  Dustin’s Dojo is a comedy routine where they do inept martial arts demonstrations and other interesting stuff, it’s basically some silly karate stuff, that the guys love, and the girls find weird.  Anyways, Howard Stern used the golden buzzer to put them through!  Enjoy the video below!  These two are going to be some great comedians!

Follow Dustin’s Dojo on Twitter @DustinsDojo

Psycho Jack Magic


Psycho Jack is the wizard of comedy. He combines comedy and magic, along with his most unusual look, to create an evening of unique madness!  Imagine Robin Williams, Penn & Teller, David Copperfield and Cirque Du Soleil all rolled into one complete package!  You then have Psycho Jack!  Psycho Jack also auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

Follow Psycho Jack on Facebook at: and on Twitter @PsychoJackMagic

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