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Domino’s Pizza Theater Concept Is A Great Idea


These days, fast-food joints and restaurants have to stay competitive to stay in business.  And with so many restaurants to choose from, one small mistake could eventually lead to your closure.  Today, customers want freshness, and they want to see their food made in front of their eyes.  This is way places like Chipotle’s does well, because you see everything made fresh in front of you!  And the pizza chain Domino’s wants to bring that fresh made magic to their stores.

Domino’s Pizza has had a troubled history here in the Anniston/Oxford area.  There was a small store open with some delivery people but it closed down.  For a few years, this area was one of the largest metro areas in America without a Domino’s pizza place!  In this area, Papa John’s dominates with a huge delivery driver crew and giant pizza places in two locations here in the metro.  Soon, Domino’s re-opened in a different shopping center in Oxford, the old location still even has the old Domino’s storefront stuff!  The store is very small and they have a small delivery crew.  Still, Papa John’s dominates here because Pizza Hut does not deliver and Domino’s is not big enough to cover this entire metro area.

Domino’s is expanding their “Pizza Theater” concept to more areas.  “Pizza Theater” allows customers to watch the whole pizza-making process.  Customers can see dough being stretched, pizzas being topped, and the pies going into the oven.  These locations also feature seating, Wi-Fi, TV’s, and even a room for parties and meetings.  There are around 30 Pizza Theaters around the country, and more are coming.  One of the Pizza Theaters is now in Montgomery, and more are coming to the Montgomery Metro.  This concept is great because customers and kids can watch the entire pizza making process from start to finish.  And because you have the option to watch your pizza being made, you know your pizza will be good and made fresh!

I remember the classic Domino’s at a location in Alexander City when I was a kid.  That location had the pizza dough stretching station right in front of the customers and I could watch through the plexiglass window at the employee rolling out the pizza dough and then topping the pizza with the sauce, cheese, and toppings.  Domino’s is taking one of my favorite childhood memories and expanding it to their Pizza Theater stores.  And I hope all Domino’s will soon adopt the “Pizza Theater” concept!  And maybe other chains like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s will model their current and future stores just like what Domino’s is doing.  Customers wants to see their food being made fresh and in front of them, not being made behind a wall.

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