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The Practice Of Restaurant Tipping Needs To End Forever

I think the future of restaurant tipping will be to simply do away with tipping all together.  We keep hearing of horror stories involving servers being tipped so little, or nothing at […]

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Sundays Are The Worst Shows The Dark Side Of Tipping From Christians

Let’s face it, servers are not getting enough tips to make an honest pay while they are working.  People reserve their right to tip when they go out to eat, and some […]

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Getting Into The Christmas Spirit With Tips For Jesus

Everyone should know how badly servers are treated when it comes to being paid.  They only make $2.13 an hour.  The rest of their pay comes from people’s tips.  But when the […]

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Maxis; Sound The Alarm, SimCity 5 Is Broken

SimCity 5 was released this week.  And so far many people have not been able to play!  For the few lucky ones who have gotten a chance to play, there have been […]

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