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Animation Monday: Sheriff Callie’s Wild West / Nina Needs To Go

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Disney Junior has recently premiered their newest cartoon called Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.  The show is aimed at preschoolers and has the voice of Mandy Moore as the lead character, Sheriff Callie, who is a kitty cat.  This is the first western cartoon aimed at preschoolers ever made and after watching, I thought they had lots of western themes which were pretty cool!  For starters, have a look at the theme song, it has a great catchy tune!

The series follows Callie, along with her deputy woodpecker Peck and their fun-loving cactus sidekick Toby, as they watch over their pleasant little frontier town of Nice and Friendly Corners, ensuring that everyone follows the “Cowpoke Code” of fairness, honesty, hospitality, cooperation and hard work.  Utilizing the folklore of the Old West to impart lessons about good morals, manners and social ethics for kids age 2-7, the series highlights Disney Junior’s dedication to programming that features heartfelt storytelling as an impetus for learning and development.


Each 11 minute episode features the characters as they make sure their town remains the friendliest in the West. With her noodle lasso and pink cowgirl hat, Callie is always ready to come to the aid of her fellow townsfolk, guiding them in making the right choices.  After watching the first two episodes, I was impressed!  Even though the series is based in the Wild West, you see some interesting science topics being used, like using a pulley system, until it backfires and drops mud on the characters.  Each episode also features an original song that is becoming the norm in all animated shows.   Each song highlights and enhances the story being told.

The one part I liked was those three singing prairie dogs who pops up at various times in each episode and performs little ditties to reinforce the lessons that are being introduced and provide a comedic transition between scenes.  That is something you see in several other animated shows like Family Guy, and I am glad you see this creative addition to a preschool show.


About the animation, as you can see, everything is computer animated and almost looks like something you see from Pixar.  I mean, for a preschool show, the little kids are not going to notice how the animation style is, as long as they see their favorite characters and interesting stories.  The animation is done by W!LDBRAIN Entertainment, a DHX Media company, and DHX Media has delivered the animation fans some great animated shows like My Little Pony.  Even though the animation style could have been somewhat better, I think the little kids will still enjoy this show!

When Sheriff Callie’s Wild West premiered on January 20th, it became the #1 show for preschoolers in the ratings.  And I think Disney Junior has another winner here.  Just like the other popular Disney Junior shows like Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Doc McStuffins, prepare to see toys and other stuff based from Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, because kids are already loving this show, and this show will be around for a long time!

Learn more about the show at:


The most interesting show I have seen come from Disney Junior, is a short animated series, that aims to make sure preschool kids go the bathroom.  Have you seen these videos called Nina Needs To Go?   The series follows four-year old Nina who often “needs to go” at the most inopportune moments, and must use her initiative to overcome the obstacles between her and the nearest bathroom.  The series is produced by ArthurCox Studios in Great Britain, and yep, they are unique and are animated very well!  I am embedding the five videos Disney Junior has already uploaded on their YouTube page.  To learn more about the show, go to:

All videos and images copyright from Disney Junior

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