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Sunday Discussion: Why I Do Not Like The 2014 Winter Olympic Uniforms

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A few days ago, the Olympic Uniforms for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games at Sochi were reveled.  Designer Ralph Lauren got ripped to pieces and was criticized when everyone found out the 2012 Olympic Uniforms were not made in America.  I mean, having our own uniforms the athletes will wear was not even made in the same country the athletes are from!


Now, designer Ralph Lauren is back with his 2014 design, at least these uniforms were made in America, because that is all I like about them.  Let’s just say, these uniforms would win an ugly Christmas sweater contest.


Let’s start off with the only good thing.  Thankfully our own Olympic Uniforms were made in America for a change.  This country is outsourcing way too many jobs!  Featured in the Uniform, the yarn is from a farm in Oregon, the spinning was completed in Pennsylvania, the material was dyed in North Carolina, and the assembly was done near Los Angeles.  I mean, making everything in America is nice, but the designs look bad!  The printed cardigan is the worst thing about this uniform, it looks like a 9 year-old’s drawing.  I think anything would have been better than this.  And once more, US officials are telling the athletes to not wear their uniforms outside of the Olympic venues.  What’s better to a terrorist to advertise that you are from America by wearing these things.

And then there is the price tag.  And for most people who dream to own a piece of the Olympic Uniform, good luck with that.  The printed cardigan retails for $598, white turtleneck costs $245, the fleece athletic pants costs $165, reindeer hat costs $95, and the black leather boots costs $395.  The hat to me is okay, but paying $95 for a hat is not worth it!  This is Ralph Lauren’s fourth time to design the Olympic Uniform, and this should be the last!

Wearing sweatpants as part of a uniform?  There are much better pants that could have been chosen.  And those sweaters, I get the idea that we want America to be patriotic, and that is a good thing!  But when you want to go patriotic, sometimes you can go overboard as well.  And these sweaters looks like Ralph Lauren threw up America on the outfits.  After thinking about these uniforms, I think the US Olympic Committee or whoever awards the contract to make the Olympic Uniforms, needs to think long and hard about who gets to design the uniforms.

Here’s one idea.  Why not find smaller designers who are not well-known.  These off-beat designers can design an Olympic Uniform which is affordable, so everyone has a chance to purchase a piece of the uniform.  And these designers can design a uniform which most everyone will love!  And when the athletes walk out during the Opening Ceremonies, the world will applaud and celebrate what average people can do.  Not what millionaire designers can do.

America needs to get back to its roots, and that is having people who are not well-known advancing through the ranks to achieve success!  Not having people who are already successful getting more successful!  If the US Olympic Committee wanted to do something bold and great, they would allow lesser-known designers a chance to design the 2016 Summer Olympic Uniforms.  Because the 2014 Winter Olympic Uniforms look ugly!  And since this a geeky/nerdy blog, even Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic could have designed something better, and she is a horse!

From Hasbro.

From Hasbro.

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  1. I totally agree with all of your comments concerning the Olympic uniforms. That’s one ugly (and expensive!) uniform!

  2. And most of America agrees with these ugly uniforms as well! We will see if the US Olympic Committee will change things up for 2016, thanks for commenting!