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Good News Fridays: Hitchhiking Family / Carlos Santana Christmas Miracles

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons!  And these two stories are proof that the Christmas generosity is still alive today!  Here are two stories to make you very happy!

Hitchhiking Family Gets Christmas Help In Gadsden

A family has fallen on very hard times and was hitchhiking from Tennessee to Georgia.  Billy Kemp saw a family of five standing on the side of the road.  While he got gas for his car, he saw the couple with three kids standing along Rainbow Drive in freezing temperatures.  Billy’s friend Jane Skipper was already there talking to the family when Billy got back, and soon the entire Gadsden community helped this family for Christmas!

From David Putman.

From David Putman.

The family was Timothy Jordan and Jennifer Gill, and the three children were Cheyenne Fouraker 11, Lance Fouraker 10, and David Fouraker 9.  They started from South Pittsburg Tennessee and were trying to get to a small town near Waycross Georgia.  Timothy lost his job in construction and they were trying to get to Jennifer’s Family in Georgia.  They were staying with another family until that family’s home was foreclosed on.  After the foreclosure, the five set off hitchhiking since they were without money, luggage, and even coats.  They were in Gadsden to try to find a cousin, but they could not find that person.

Skipper and Kemp took the family to a Motel 6 and got them a room for the night. They then began looking for a local charitable organization which might take the family in. However, it was Christmas Eve and the usual resources were either closed or full.  Thankfully, the news of this family went through Gadsden’s emergency dispatch, and members of Gadsden’s Fire Station Number 1 took the children on as a project.  Firefighters got some toys from their seasonal toy drive and from Wal-Mart.

Skipper and Kemp went to the local bus station and purchased tickets for the family.  They were able to get transportation for the family to Valdosta Georgia, while Skipper contacted a friend who could drive them to their family’s home near Waycross.  Other families helped out by taking the family out to dinner and giving the family a home cooked meal.  Others provided new clothes, coats, backpacks, and toys to the family.  The bus left with the family Christmas Day afternoon.  Thank you everyone from Gadsden who helped out this family.  This is what Christmas is all about!

Carlos Santana Reunites With Homeless Ex-Bandmate

Thank you KRON-TV from San Francisco for doing a story like this!  Reporter Stanley Roberts was doing a story about illegal dumping in Oakland and found a guy that was homeless.  The homeless guy told the reporter that he used to perform with Carlos Santana and his band.  The name of the homeless gentlemen was Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone.  And he got in trouble with the law and was in prison for a few years.  Here is video of the first encounter.

Stanley Roberts did some research on Marcus Malone after he told Stanley that he used to play with Carlos Santana.  And it turns out it was true!  Carlos has spent time trying to find his former bandmate.  And a TV station found him!  Stanley Roberts was contacted by Carlos Santana’s manager on Facebook and the reunion was set!  Here is video from KRON-TV of the first reunion!

Carlos Santana is helping Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone get a new life by getting him an apartment and new clothes.  Yes, you will see Carlos and Marcus playing together and recording new music once again in early 2014!  And I agree with Carlos Santana with this CNN interview below, someone needs to start a network featuring only good news stories, maybe HLN could become that channel!

Learn more about KRON-TV at:

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  1. I am the father of the hitchhiking children. Their mother & boyfriend kidnapped them. Timmy Jordan is a convicted felon and they are on the run. Any information on their whereabouts is greatly appreciated. Please contact me, Lance Lanier Fouraker at (423) 402-6134. Thank you & God bless!

  2. Thank you so much! We believe they are in Folkston Ga. But any information is still welcomed! We are praying for their safe return!