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The Prancing Elites Are Awesome, Alabama Should Be Proud


There is a dance group based in Mobile Alabama that is very interesting.  You see, the entire dance group is all men.  And they dress in very interesting ways.  You could say this is not a good thing in Alabama.  Because many people despise of people who are gay and homosexual.  The Prancing Elites are an all-male, African-American gay dance team from Mobile Alabama.  They have a passion for dance that is impeccable.  They may not be accepted by all of society because they are homosexual males, but the love that they have for what they do won’t stop them because someone doesn’t like it.

The Prancing Elites consists of five members: Kentrell Collins, Adrian Clemons, Jerel Maddox, Kareem Davis, and Timothy Smith. The main reason the team was created is because boys aren’t allowed to audition for the dance teams in the school system in Mobile Alabama.  In their eyes, morally it isn’t right.  So, they created their own team.  If the girls are doing it, why can’t the boys do it too?


The team “Elites” was created in 2006 when Elite Hayward, the founder, passed.  The name was chosen to pay homage to his death.  Since then they have maintained this team by holding auditions yearly.  The word “prancing” was added in October 2011.  On December 16, 2012, an audition was held and 10 members were chosen, but only the strongest have survived.  They love performing at football games.  They were performing in the stands at a game in their hometown of Mobile Alabama, and the police officer told them, “You all are not the entertainment, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for being up here dancing like girls.  If you all get up and even look like you’re dancing then we are going to put you out and you will not be getting refunded.”  Here’s the video.

The Prancing Elites have been getting worldwide attention.  Shaquille O’Neal has tweeted about them, and they have auditioned for America’s Got Talent on NBC.  Imagine if these dancers win the competition, will people in Alabama be proud of them?  The Los Angeles  based show The Real also featured them.  Their performance is at the 37:40 mark.

There is even a Change.org petition from Peter Hough of Biloxi asking the City of Mobile to allow The Prancing Elites back into the New Year’s Eve Parade.  Sadly, they were kicked out because some people can not accept homosexual people in Alabama, which is sad.  The Prancing Elites will instead have a free performance and pep rally beginning at 10 pm on Tuesday December 31 outside of Hayley’s bar at 278 Dauphin St.  Thank the folks from Mod Mobilian for putting this on!  Learn more about this event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/380056565473523/

If you want to sign the petition, go to: http://www.change.org/petitions/mobile-alabama-new-years-eve-parade-moonpie-parade-allow-the-group-the-prancing-elites-back-into-the-new-years-eve-parade?share_id=uQANciTzim

Enjoy this video featuring The Prancing Elites from Mod Mobilian!

The Prancing Elites are currently running a Kickstarter campaign and they have raised more than their $15,000 goal which means they will be funded!  The funds will go towards renting a safe place to practice, and having the funds to travel for appearances and lodging, especially if they make it on America’s Got Talent!  They are offering signed autographs, t-shirts, and much more!  You have until January 1st at 10:30 am to pledge.  To pledge go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/prancingelites/prancing-elites-high-road-to-fame


Now to briefly talk about the people who find The Prancing Elites as a disgrace to Alabama.  We’re all human beings and we should get the same rights.  People need to stop being closed-minded and unaccepting of others.  Some people in Alabama have hate and intolerance to anyone who is different from being homosexual to having a disability.  Would these people please leave the fears, hate, bigotry, and prejudices at home.  People need to get along with everybody, no matter what their views are.  Geek Alabama supports anyone and everybody, no matter if they are a different skin color, gay, homosexual, disabled, and more.  Geeks and nerds are accepting to everyone, that’s why I love being a geek and nerd!  This situation is racism and bigotry at its ugliest.  And it needs to stop!

Learn more about The Prancing Elites at: https://www.facebook.com/elitesprancing

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