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Have Lots of Time On Your Hands, Count Jelly Beans to Win Money

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Us humans love to count things.  We count money, numbers, the groceries in our cart, how many shows we have on our DVR’s, the number of friends on social media, and so on!  At many fundraiser events I cover, I usually see someone running a contest where you guess how many objects are in the jar.  Things in the jar have ranged from toys, coins, marbles, and jelly beans.  I do submit a guess but I am always wrong.  So what if you had to guess from a massive jar of jelly beans and the winner can win some money?  Would you have the massive amounts of time to do a contest like that?  Well your are in luck because there is a contest where you can count from a massive jar of jelly beans!

The concept is simple to follow.  The folks from Fun Day have filled a huge jar with jelly beans. You can pay around $5 Australian Dollars ($4.75 US) to enter, and if you’re the first person to guess correctly, you win 90% of the cash.  The competition is based in Tasmania, Australia and the prize pool will not be activated until there are more than 50,000 entries.  If the contest does not reach the 50,000 entries mark, you will get your money back.  The top prize for this contest will be over $125,000, the number of entries will determine how high the prize money will be!  And here is the cool thing, if you guess correctly but aren’t the first person to submit a winning guess, you will still win some money!

The contest organizers swear every jelly bean in the jar has been captured on film.  You can watch all 10 videos on their website which would allow you to watch, pause, and count.  But you are going to need a lot of time to do that.  And to make the contest far, an Independent Auditor has verified the number of jelly beans in that huge jar.  The entry period for submissions is from November 10th to December 20th.  So you have plenty of time through the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays to count the number of jelly beans in that huge jar.

To submit an entry on their secure website and to watch all 10 videos, go to:  Follow updates from this contest on Facebook at: and on Twitter @FunDay_2013

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