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There Is Nothing Wrong With Sending Boys To Hooters


Pee-Wee, Middle, and High School Football is very popular across the country.  And when a middle school team has a winning season, sometimes the coach will take the team to an end of season party to celebrate.  But this coach from Oregon took his team to a place some people despise, a Hooters!

When Corbett Middle School football coach Randy Burbach asked his team where they wanted to have their end-of-season awards party, a majority of the players responded with Hooters.  Burbach wanted to take the team there.  But once some parents heard of this decision, the coach was met with resistance, Burbach told his boss he would rather risk his job than change the party’s venue.  So sadly, he was fired.  But he still took the boys to Hooters.

Corbett Oregon School District athletic director Jean-Paul Soulagnet sent a letter to parents notifying them that any trip to Hooters would not be a school-sanctioned event.  According to the letter sent to parents, school district policy does not allow school events to be held at Hooters for teams, groups, or clubs across the board and at all levels including high school.  Three or four families objected to the Hooters plan.  But Coach Burbach told the local media that he wasn’t going to move the event because he wanted to teach his players to stand up for their beliefs.  And I am glad he still went to Hooters.

Hooters at The Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno,...

So why are some parents concerned about Hooters?  You know if you go to a swimming pool or a beach, boys are going to see women in bikinis.  At least the women at Hooters are dressed more than women in bikinis.  And the Hooters at Jantzen Beach did some great things.  They celebrated the boys coming to the restaurant.  The boys had a great time at the party!  And the Hooters picked up the tab and donated $1,000 plus 20 percent of Saturday sales to the school’s boosters club.

So the school system and some parents were concerned that an unpaid volunteer took his football team to a Hooters for a party?  Hey, it could be worse.  The coach could have held that party at a strip club, or a Chuck E Cheese which would have been embarrassing for the middle school boys.  Imagine a middle school boy walking down the hall during a school day saying to someone “we held our team party at a Chuck E Cheese.”  That would not go well and would be embarrassing.


The letter sent out by the school system said that Hooters objectifies women.  Some even think this decision sends the wrong message to our young men.  Ummm, have you seen the school cheerleaders at your local school?  At some schools, the cheerleaders are often wearing less than the women at Hooters.  I don’t think the boys were going to Hooters to just look at the women’s attractions.  They went to Hooters because it was a sports themed restaurant.

For the ones who are calling shame on those waitresses for capitalizing on their looks and physical attributes.  No other occupation does that.  Well, except models, newscasters, TV and movie stars, politicians, salespeople, and athletes, and a few others I’m sure I forgot.  Looks are a marketable asset in our society.  That is a fact, and anyone who denies it is not thinking right.  It may not be right, but it is a fact.  As long as a young, attractive woman goes into a job like this armed with a realistic view of the situation, who is the athletic director to denigrate her choice?  I’ll bet a lot of these women will use their generous tips to better their lives in very positive ways.

Most of these boys probably did not stare at the women at Hooters, well except for serving the food and drinks.  For the few parents who were complaining about this trip to Hooters, you need to wake up.  Boys are going to be boys.  A trip to Hooters is not going to ruin your boys, it might actually be a benefit to them.  There are families that go to Hooters.  The human body is a beautiful thing, and it won’t kill your boys to see women wearing those clothes at Hooters.  It could be worse, the women at Hooters could be wearing small bikinis instead.

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