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Little People, Big World Season 7 Premieres Tonight


Little People, Big World premiered way back in 2006.  The show featured The Roloff family, parents Matt and Amy, and their four children: Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob.  Matt, Amy and Zach are little people, while Jeremy, Molly and Jacob are of average height or greater.  Zach and Jeremy are fraternal twins; although Zach is not of average height, his brother Jeremy is above average height.  The show was very popular because it showed that anyone with a disability can do anything.  No matter if you have dwarfism, Autism, ADHD, missing limbs, or any other disabilities.  The show ended regular episodes in 2010, but several specials have occasionally aired on TLC.  Tonight, season 7 of the show will premiere!


The Roloff family kids have all grown up and are in school or working outside of the farm.  But Summer gave all the kids the opportunity to come back to the farm, reuniting the family on the farm for the first time in two years.  Matt and Amy will enlist the help of the kids as they expand the business and gear up for pumpkin season.  All hands are on deck as the family works together to plan the most memorable weddings for four new couples who intend to tie the knot at Roloff Farms.  I got a chance to watch the first episode of season 7 already, and the show will have some interesting things.


First, all the kids are happy to come back home for the summer.  They are ready to make Roloff Farms a great wedding destination and pumpkin destination.  Two, Matt decides to enlist the local fire department to burn down a structure on the farm, this might not have been a good decision.  And three, this episode will focus on the family’s dog.  Matt really loves Rocky, and tonight, you will see Matt and Rocky bond after receiving some bad news.  If you are an animal lover, this is going to be a touching episode.


Season 7 will explore a familiar family dynamic with everyone back on the farm, providing viewers with an intimate picture of the Roloffs, a family they have grown to know and love over the past seven years.  Patriarch Matt will be faced with some health issues that could put his ability to run the farm in jeopardy.  And he, Amy, and the children will also support one another as they deal with an upsetting diagnosis for another member of the family. Then, as the summer comes to an end and the kids head back to college, Matt and Amy find themselves alone once again reevaluating their relationship.

Season 7 of Little People, Big World, premieres on Tuesday October 29th at 9 pm Eastern / 8 pm Central.  To learn more about the show, go to:

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