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Video Roundup: Superman, Stan Lee Rant, Living With Jigsaw

Geek Alabama Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 16 videos of the week!

Batman vs. Superman Parody

I need to watch the Pete Holmes Show!

Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short

Super cool!

The Running of the Bulls

The bulls were fake!

Stan Lee 3D Movie Rant

He hates 3D movies.

Living With Jigsaw

Get him out of the house!

Ex-Men: Wolverine

Another Pete Holmes Show parody!

Lord of the Rings In Real Life

It does not go well.

Giving $100 to Homeless People

I wish I could do this!

The World Can Be Better – Kid President Songified

Great video!

Sirens of the Lambs

It brings up a big issue!

Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film

I would see this movie!

Extreme Trick Shots

Cool stuff!

Proof Your Senses Are Lying To You

The truth is here!

Ghe-O Rescue Vehicle

This is cool!

Katachi Video

Cool animation!

Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound

Great video!


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