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Video Roundup: 102 y/o Dancer Sees Herself on Film, Pie to the Face Game, Ultimate Drone Save

Geek Alabama Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup, my top 13 videos of the week!

Babies React To Star Wars Episode VII

Start them young!

How Weather Reports Should Be


Ultimate Drone Save

Good catch!

Echoes Through The Wall


Marvel VS DC / Avengers and Justice League Battle


Officers Rescue Driver From Burning SUV

Great job!

102 y/o Dancer Sees Herself on Film for the First Time

Very good video!

Pie to the Face Game

Too cute!

All the Marvel Movies in 7 Minutes


Charlie Bit My Finger boys Grow Up


Inside Amy Schumer – Football Town Nights


Love Our Nurses


Miracle On 6 Train

Another awesome video!

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