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Music Thursdays: Radioactive / Imagine Dragons and William Joseph

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This week, I found a really awesome video from a piano player who took the really popular song “Radioactive” to the next level.  First the original song from the band Imagine Dragons.  The song was released in December 2012 and it has become a mega hit.  The music video features this weird looking monkey puppet taking down other stuffed animals until a pink teddy bear shows who’s boss.  In the song, the puppets represents us the people, while the gamblers represent the government, the song is based on the corruption of the government over us, and all the people it ruins and leaves in devastation.  Kind of like the recent Government Shutdown! 

Now, the YouTube channel devinsupertramp has come out with a piano version of this song.  The artist William Joseph played the entire song on a piano, in the water.  The piano was installed over the water on scaffolding and as you see in the video below, they placed this piano in the middle of the lake.

The entire video was filmed in Utah Lake, where Joseph and a piano were placed on scaffolding seven feet above ground and just atop the water’s surface.  A boat was used to carry the piano into place on top of the scaffolding.  Two guys made sure the piano was secured, and William played on a piano, on the water.  The entire video was shot with the assistance of a boat, Jet Skis and an aerial helicopter.  With the sunsets and beautiful scenery, you get a beautiful video!

Here is a behind the scenes video showing you how this was done, enjoy!

Learn more about William Joseph at:  Follow him on Facebook at: and on Twitter @williamjoseph.

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