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Liberty Learning Foundation Teaching Our Kids About Civics


Think about this.  How many kids are ready to enter the adult world after they graduate from high school?  I am not talking about the basics like math, science, English, and history.  I am talking about financial education, career education, civic education and character education.  There’s a great program that goes into schools and donates materials to teachers and educators and teaches, inspires and empowers our next great Americans, our kids.  Watch the video below.

The Liberty Learning Foundation is a non-profit organization donating civic-based teaching tools to educators and facilitating learning experiences that teach, inspire and empower our Next Great Americans.

Imagine a generation of students who excel in teach-to-test subjects but have little knowledge of civics, character, financial responsibility and career readiness.  Will math and science alone continue our nation’s progress?  Our students deserve to learn these guiding lessons – as well as the great American Story that gives context to their important roles in our country’s future.  We must teach them that they hold titles more important than “engineer,” “scientist” even … “president” … That title is citizen.

And educators are begging to teach those crucial lessons.  They’re begging for tools that engage the iPod generation and immerse them in grand experiences that boost retention and make a lasting impression.  And because money and time are the most limited commodities in the classroom, they need the tools to be free and flexible.


That’s where the Liberty Learning Foundation comes in and makes monumental impacts. With help from passionate donors, Liberty Learning Foundation is placing the groundbreaking Super Citizen Program in the hands of eager educators.  And, because they understand that donations don’t ensure success, they work hand-in-hand with schools, donors, and local volunteers to maximize the potential of the programs and the students themselves.

The Liberty Learning Foundation is a Alabama charity based in Huntsville.  Some of the sponsors of the program includes Alabama Power, Georgia Pacific, Cracker Barrel, Defense Credit Union Council, Regions Bank, CB&S Bank, Madison County Commission, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Aegis Technologies, The Surgery Center of Huntsville, and more!  In this video below, Ralph Bellamy from Alabama Power talks about this special program.  You also get to see some examples of the program at work in a school!

Liberty Learning Foundation currently has a tour bus called the The Next Great Americans which goes across the nation and carries Lady Liberty Live inside.  The mission is to teach, inspire, and empower elementary students nationwide.  Lady Liberty’s theatrical performance brings the Statue of Liberty to life – and the tour’s original, high-energy music and video has students engaged from the start.  The half-hour event also marks the official kickoff of the “Super Citizen” Program that students will begin.  Liberty Learning Foundation is committed to placing free teaching tools like the “Super Citizen” Program in every school in the nation.  Here’s a short video showing you how it works.

If you are a teacher or an educator.  The Super Citizen Program kits from the Liberty Learning Foundation are free!  But each kit costs $250.  The organization is looking for donors from people and businesses that can send these kits to schools all across the nation.  To donate and to learn more about the Liberty Learning Foundation, go to:

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