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How Studying Abroad Furthers Your Education

Traveling abroad for the purpose of expanding one’s education is an opportunity seldom taken advantage of by students. Instead, many opt for the traditional route of academic progress. While staying on the […]

Last Week Tonight Shows The Real Sex Education Most Schools Don’t Teach

Think about this, how much in sex education were you taught while in school?  For me, I was in school in Alabama and I don’t recall learning about anything about sexual education. […]

You Should Watch This Teens React To Malala Yousafzai

Geek Alabama has been following the inspiring story of Malala Yousafzai.  And the YouTube channel TheFineBros did another video in their great react series.  They got the teens to react to Malala Yousafzai.  And the responses […]

Celebrate 30 Years Of Pizza Hut’s Book It!, And Get A Free Personal Pan Pizza

Remember when you were a kid, and you read books, and got rewarded by getting a free Personal Pan Pizza at Pizza Hut?  The program is called Book It!  It started in […]

The American Graduate Program / And My Experiences Being In School

On Saturday, since Alabama was not playing, and Auburn was playing an easy team, I found something that was interesting to watch, it was called American Graduate.  It was the third year […]

Alabama Has One Of The Lowest Reading Scores And IQ’s In America

Some people associate Alabama with people who have low IQ’s.  And that is not true, because there are smart people in Alabama.  But according to the website Movoto, Alabama did not fare […]

Schools In Alabama Are Now Participating In The Go Build Alabama Program

In Alabama, there is a special website devoted to middle/high school students and it’s aimed at recruiting a new generation of tradesmen as older ones leave the workforce.  The site is called […]

Liberty Learning Foundation Teaching Our Kids About Civics

Think about this.  How many kids are ready to enter the adult world after they graduate from high school?  I am not talking about the basics like math, science, English, and history. […]

The KidZania Model Is Awesome

I saw this today and I thought it would be great to share!  There is a company that operates a special amusement park for kids.  Instead of rides, this place provides role-playing […]

Good News Fridays: Flash Mob For Retiring Principal

First off, I wanted to share this first movie trailer for the movie “Jobs” coming out on August 16th.  Ashton Kutcher will star as Steve Jobs as he starts up Apple Computer. […]

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