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Music Thursdays: Larkin McLean’s Music

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At times, I might get someone who is a musician to follow me on my @nvyoung or @geekalabama Twitter accounts.  So this musician has followed me on both accounts, and I have been exploring her music, and I think it’s worthy for a Geek Alabama Music Thursdays post.  Larkin McLean’s music is considered sexy in my opinion.  The song “Skinny Dipping Party” does feature some people swimming naked, but don’t worry, the private parts are blurred out with a black bar.

Many music critics have called Larkin McLean’s music as silly and funny to sevy and sultry, but all in the same music style.  Larkin’s voice is very soft and sweet.  And she does write some great songs!  Most of her music is jazz and blues inspired and its easy to listen too, it’s just some of her lyrics can lean toward the sexual side of things.  Some of her songs from her album X-rated Musical are very interesting!

Some studio musicians have helped out with Larkin McLean on her reggae, bluesy and jazzy tracks.  Kenny Lyon, Jim DeJulio, Gary Mallaber, Jim Ehinger, David Ralicke, Mike Boito, and others have worked with Larkin McLean to make some great music.  One of her songs that I like is titled “If You’re A Wild Girl Say Aye.”  Sure, the lyrics can be interesting, but the music is great!  Have a listen!

If you are looking for something to listen too that is soft and jazzy, with a bit of flirt thrown in, then you will enjoy the music from Larkin McLean!  Learn more about Larkin McLean at:  Follow her on Facebook at: and on Twitter @LarkinMcLean.

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