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Good News Fridays: Prosthetic’s Made Out of LEGO’s

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

This week I wanted to show of two amazing videos from YouTube.  When a person loses a limb, their lives change dramatically.  Yes, prosthetic’s have gotten a lot better in the last few years as they are easy to use.  But what if someone wanted to use Lego’s as a prosthetic?  This first video has over a million views from the YouTube channel AmputeeOT.  Christina Stephens is a practicing occupational therapist, clinical researcher, and peer educator chronicling her journey from foot crush injury to amputation and beyond.  So she tries to make a prosthetic out of Lego’s.  And yes, it works!

This other video from the YouTube channel piotrek839 shows off a Lego prosthetic hand! Could Lego’s become the future for people who needs prosthetic’s?  It would make all geeks and nerds drool!

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