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Music Thursdays: America’s Got Talent Season 8 Music

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Have you been watching season 8 of America’s Got Talent on NBC?  If not, you have missed some amazing talent!  On this edition of Music Thursdays, I am going to highlight some of the best music performances so far of season 8!  First, this country performance from Marty Brown called “To Make You Feel My Love” is just super sweet!

This next performer from 10-year-old Anna Christine was amazing!  This performance of “House of the Rising Sun” is great!

Next, Paul Thomas Mitchell (aka Tommy Mitchell) dealt with alcoholism in his family, and was inspired to write this song for his Dad.  What a voice he has!

Next, Jonathan Allen is gay and his parents have kicked him out of their lives.  His performance of “Time to Say Goodbye” is amazing!  He has a great opera voice!

Finally, Travis Pratt surprises the crowd with this performance.  He has a great opera voice and it surprises everyone!  He also proposes to his girlfriend!

If you are not watching America’s Got Talent, you need to start watching!  I think a singer will win season 8!  New episodes premiere at 8/7 pm central on Tuesday nights on NBC.

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