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Kiera Wilmot Is Coming to Alabama For School


Remember the Kiera Wilmot controversy?  She conducted a science experiment at Bartow High School that involved combining household cleaner and aluminum foil in an eight ounce water bottle.  The chemical reaction created a pop that sounds like a firecracker and smoke.  No one was injured and no damage was caused.  Here’s the original post talking about this controversy.

Well, I have got some great news to report!  Kiera Wilmot is being given a full ride scholarship to attend the United States Advanced Space Academy in Huntsville!  ASA is a branch of the famous Space Camp in Huntsville and offers a college-accredited program through the University of Alabama in Huntsville that includes STEM education plus college and career preparation.

Homer Hickam, portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie October Sky, was outraged when he heard about this story and he joined the ranks of other scientists and engineers who wanted the felony charges dropped.  Believe it or not, Kiera’s mother actually works in a STEM related field at the Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute and is excited that Kiera has been provided with this opportunity.

From the website, Kiera’s mother said, “Kiera is a bright, imaginative young lady who loves science, technology, engineering and math – and she also loves music and art. In today’s terminology, they would refer to it as STEAM, which is the STEM field with the arts added in. Kiera joined her middle school Robotics Team, which is where her love of robotics began. She is very excited at this opportunity and is intrigued by Mr. Hickam’s story. We have ordered the movie October Sky and will be checking out his books. She would like to speak with Mr. Hickam and would like to meet him in person someday.”


Kiera Wilmot also has a twin sister named Kayla.  And while Homer Hickam is providing Kiera with an awesome opportunity.  Some funds needs to be raised so Kayla can attend the United States Advanced Space Academy with Kiera.  To help out with the fundraiser go to:

Good luck girls!  Learn more about the United States Advanced Space Academy at:



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