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Good News Fridays: Tracie Marcum on The Moment

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Everyone deserves a second chance.  That’s the premise of the new USA Network show The Moment.  The show is hosted by former quarterback Kurt Warner.  I decided to tune in to the premiere and I was surprised that someone from Birmingham, Alabama was chosen to be in the premiere!

Tracie Marcum is from the Birmingham Metro and she used to own her own photography business.  The business was lost when Tracie went though a divorce.  Tracie lost her mother at a very early age.  And Tracie developed a fear that her father would abandon her as well if she didn’t make him proud.  So she put off her dreams of becoming a professional sports photographer and worked in the corporate world as an operations manager.  Tracie’s husband John nominated her for the opportunity to travel with Kurt to Los Angeles to train with world-class photographer Lou Jones, who has shot the past 12 Olympic Games.  After Tracie meets Lou Jones, Tracie’s first challenge is to take pictures at an Olympic Training Facility.

Tracie discovers that it is not easy being a sports photographer.  Over the next two weeks, Tracie will be mentored by Lou Jones and there is a lot to learn!  What I liked about this show is they showed the viewers some tips like how to use the camera to shoot sports pictures.  In this next clip, Tracie is wearing several cameras with different lenses on each one.  Each camera has a different colored tape so it’s easy for Tracie to find.  You have to move fast when switching cameras!  Tracie then took pictures of people playing a basketball game.

In this next clip, the host Kurt Warner sits down with Tracie who is feeling a little overwhelmed.  Sometimes a little pep talk can bring people back up!

One part of this episode gets very emotional.  Tracie is taken to a gun range as part of her training.  Immediately this move has Tracie in tears as it brings back memories of her mother dying.  Lou Jones then sits down with Tracie and after some talking Tracie gets the confidence to move forward!  Over the next week, Lou coaches Tracie.

Then comes the ultimate test, Tracie is loaded onto a helicopter and is hanging on the side.  She has to take photos of airplanes performing stunts.  This is something I would love to do one day!

After that cool stuff, here comes the tough interview with Sports Illustrated.  After the tough interview, well, I will let you watch that!  I thought The Moment was a great TV show that shows average people living their dreams.  Some of these people are even offered new careers of their dreams.  Kurt Warner did a good job hosting and even coaching the people.  You have a chance to watch the premiere episode featuring Tracie Marcum before the next episode premieres next Thursday at 9 pm central on USA.  Here are the airtimes all in central time.

  • 7 am Sunday / E! Network
  • 8 am Sunday / USA Network
  • 8 am Wednesday / Oxygen Network
  • 11 pm Wednesday / NBC Sports Network
  • 5 am Thursday / USA Network
  • 2 pm Thursday / E! Network

Or you could watch the episode now online by going to The Moment website at:  Good luck Tracie!

Next week, Kyle Shields from Georgia gets a chance to become a NASCAR driver!

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