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Sunday Discussion: My Thoughts About Easter 2013

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Easter 2013 is here!  Easter is the day to celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I know He is surely alive.  Jesus hung on the cross so we all can live a life free from sin.  I would like to think that all barriers between sin and eternal life have been torn down.  But right now I have a tough time believing that.  Sure, people do say that God knows you in your time of darkness because He hung on a cross so He could forgive you.  But I have thinking and following Christ for a long time now.  And even after believing in our Lord, nothing but pain and suffering in my life has come my way.  So for this Easter, I will not be celebrating as most people do.  I wanted to share this message I got from someone on Facebook.

Hi Nathan!

I know we weren’t close friends in high school (or school in general), but I wanted to send you a message and tell you a few things. First of all, the last post on my timeline is about you. After being around you for so many years, I never knew you had Autism. Secondly, I apologize for not being proactive and standing up for you. I’m not suggesting that you needed someone to back you up, but I feel horrible for standing in the shadows. I’ve always admired you. Unfortunately, I didn’t let you know that earlier.

Loving the all the topics you cover on Geek Alabama. You’re doing a fantastic job, and I’m proud to say I know you. Take care! I live in Washington state now, but I’ll be here if you need anything.

This is what this person wrote on her Facebook page:

For as long as I can remember, others have bullied a particular classmate of mine. He kept to himself, set positive goals, accomplished many of those goals, respected others (regardless of whether they deserved it) and used/uses better grammar than most of the people I know. I never thought of him as being ‘different’; in fact, I found him intriguing, but most of all, I noticed how poorly he was treated. It’s been 8 yrs since we graduated high school, and I recently discovered he is Autistic. I’m embarrassed to call most of those who bullied him his entire life my classmates. He’s had my respect for as long as I can remember, and I hope he continues to put those bullies to shame!

As I believe, God and Jesus Christ wants all of us to love each other and not be harmful to each other.  And then I get rejection, after rejection, after rejection.  I have worked 13 different jobs in the last seven years and in all of them I was bullied by someone.  I guess it’s because of the way I act, I do have Asperger’s Syndrome you know.  I have read online from other people with Autism saying how they have been bullied and harassed by people in the workplace and even by their own families.  Do you think this is something God and Jesus Christ would allow?

I believe if the rapture did occur today many people would not be sent back to Heaven.  Many people say they follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.  But after they leave church on Sunday many people goes back to their bad ways.  Some people makes rude and bad comments to other people online.  Some people decides to reject a certain group of people because they don’t agree with their views.  In Alabama, some people reject people who are homosexual or different.  Some people goes back to abusing animals after  being at church on Sunday.  I think you get the idea.  If you were a true believer of Christ, you would be loving 365 days a year, not just on a Sunday.


I do believe people needs to get back to the true meaning of Jesus Christ, and that is to be loving to everybody!  So what, some people believe in homosexuality.  Some people have disabilities and should not be discriminated.  People needs to quit allowing the abuse of animals in Alabama.  Stuff like cockfighting needs to be outlawed, I’m looking at you Alabama Legislature!  I even made a video talking about animal rights in Alabama.  This did not make some people happy.

Me Nathan Young and the Geek Alabama blog likes to talk about some of these crazy issues in Alabama.  And I would like to get some things off of my chest.  I believe all people with disabilities should be treated fairly and with respect!  So what if I screw something up?  It does not make me a bad person!  I believe animals should not be abused in Alabama.  I want attempts from the Alabama Legislature to shut down low-cost spay and neuter clinics to end now!  I also believe people who are homosexual should have rights just like all of us.  And yes, that means I support the rights of same-sex people who wants to get married.  I could talk about other things like gun rights, but I don’t want to make more people angry.

Stuff like I talk about on Geek Alabama is the main reason why I could not live in a rural area in the State of Alabama.  I have seen the stories where people have been beaten up because they believe in homosexuality or animal rights.  The only places where I feel comfortable in Alabama is in urban areas like Anniston/Oxford.  When I did live in a rural area in Marion, AL.  It did not take me long to see people who are actually racist even to this day.  You can see why I would not do very well in rural areas.

All of this talk leads me back to Easter Sunday.  Many churches talk about God and Jesus Christ during a Sunday service.  And then these churches have to get political.  I have been to several Sunday services where they hand you out cards urging you to contact Congress to make sure same-sex marriage is outlawed for good.  I even have been to one church where they were comparing President Obama with the Devil.  I thought church was supposed to be about thinking about God and Jesus Christ?  Yes, it does anger me seeing churches getting political.  Will it stop already?  Even Google has to get political on Easter.  Have you seen the Google Doodle celebrating Cesar Chavez?


I think we are losing our way with God and Jesus Christ.  God would not want us to be abusive to other creatures.  God would not want us hating on other people.  God would not want us abusing our Earth.  Yes I do believe people do need to protect our environment as well.  If God and Jesus Christ came back to Earth today, I think they would be shocked to see what is going on.  I do believe many people are not after the true meaning of being a Christian.  And many people would be in for a rude awakening if the Rapture did occur today.

As for me right now, I am on the edge of disaster.  When I go up to my mom’s house today on Easter, I will only have $2 left in my bank account.  Somehow I have $10 for the gas to get to her house.  I will need to get some money to renew this blog’s domain name which is only $100 a year.  Yep, If it’s not paid by April 1st this blog will disappear!  And this is not a April’s Fools joke.  I have now done over 300 job applications with no luck.  My life is just a mess right now.  So since today is such a Holy Day, would you all give me a prayer?  And if you have the resources, please consider donating to the Geek Alabama fund at: http://www.gofundme.com/geekalabamafund  Thank you!


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  1. Hi Nathan – This below for you from my blog today that you linked to – God can do more than you ever dreamed or imagined in your life 🙂 Blessings to you Darrell
    On this Resurrection Day, let your heart shout with joy in our begin again-God. It is only God who can make all our failures regenerative. It is He, who is the God of risings again, and it is He who never tires of fresh starts. We stand assured in Christ Jesus, serving a God of starting over, a God of genesis and re-genesis. He will take all your life’s sour fruits, bear them in His blood and leave them dead and decomposing. God will freshen your world with spiritual dew, and hydrate your withered human heart with His renewing spirit. Even as God raised Jesus from the dead, He will restore you, and give you life anew.