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Huntsville Faces Cleveland For The Social Media Tourism Symposium


The latest round of voting for the Social Media Tourism Symposium is taking place today!  Huntsville is in the final four and is going against Cleveland.  This was a tough vote for me. Naturally, I would have voted for Huntsville because I live in Alabama.  But I was born in the Cleveland Metro and have some family living there so I would have no problem seeing this conference there.  At the end of the day, I voted for Huntsville!


You have until 9 pm central Thursday to vote for Huntsville!  The winner of this vote will face Missoula, Montana for the rights to host the conference in November.  The November 6-8 symposium would bring roughly 300 social media followers to town from across the country and pump $180,000 into the local economy.  To vote for Huntsville go to:

To learn more about this contest; go to:


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