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Video Roundup: Pony Dance, Scary Doll Driver, Golf Boys

Geek Alabama Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup!  My top 10 videos of the week!

Three The Pony – Dance Pony Dance

Playing off the My Little Pony popularity!

Drive Thru Scary Doll Driver

What an awesome prank!

Golf Boys – “2.Oh”

Awesome music video!

Elevator Murder Experiment

What would you do?

Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names

Interesting stuff!

Speedrun: Matrix In 60 Seconds

Yep; it’s accurate!

Dude Perfect: Insane Trick Shots

Great shots!

Iron Man 3 Trailer – Homemade

Cheap version of the trailer!

Sesame Street: Counting the “You’s” In YouTube

Lots of people still watch Sesame Street!

My Cat Can See the Rotating Snake Illusion

Love the animal videos!


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