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Ways to Help the Midland City, AL Victims


This is a post on ways to help the victims in the Midland City, AL hostage crisis.  As you remember, Jimmy Lee Dykes boarded a Dale County school bus and demanded the driver hand over two children.  The driver, Charles Albert Poland Jr., refused, blocking access to the bus’s narrow aisle as at least 21 children escaped out of the back emergency door.  Sadly Dykes shot and killed Charles Poland, Jr.  Many people are calling him a hero and an portion of U.S.231 in Pinckard is expected to be renamed the Charles ‘Chuck’ Albert Poland, Jr. Memorial Highway.  Ozark attorney Will Matthews has asked President Obama to bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Poland.  Also, a petition has been started online to do something special.

20960766_bg6A change.org petition is calling for President Obama to publicly honor Mr. Poland.  This petition is urging The White House to bring in the family of Mr. Poland to The State of the Union Address next week.  This petition also wants the president to mention Mr. Poland and his family during the speech.  In my opinion, why stop there.  The White House should also fly in Ethan’s family and mention them as well!  To sign the petition go to: http://www.change.org/petitions/the-obama-administration-publicly-honor-mr-poland-alabama-bus-driver-who-saved-children-s-lives-2#.

Also; a White House petition has been created to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Charles Poland, Jr.  The petition needs 100,000 signatures by March 9th.  Click on the link to sign it.  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/award-presidential-medal-freedom-charles-albert-poland-jr-heroic-bus-driver-alabama/f9TWMvNT

There are also many ways to help Ethan.  Ethan was held hostage by Jimmy Lee Dykes for a week in an underground bunker.  And on Monday, FBI agents rescued Ethan and killed Mr. Dykes.  Ethan celebrated his sixth birthday on Wednesday and the family has released a photo of Ethan.  What a sweet kid!


You can still send birthday and well-wishes cards to Ethan and the family.  You can mail them to:

NFPD c/o Lt. McDaniel
400 Headquarters Street
Napier Field, AL. 36303

You can go to any Wells Fargo bank branch and donate money to Ethan’s family.  If you donate; Just ask for the “Donations for Ethan” fund. wellsfargo.com

A scholarship fund has been established through the Dale County Board of Education in honor of Mr. Poland and Ethan. Donations can be made to the Dale County Board of Education at 113 Reynolds Street, Ozark, AL 36360 or can be made directly to The Commercial Bank at 208 South Merrick Avenue, Ozark, AL 36360.


And here is the most special thing!  Anna Owen has started an online fundraiser to send Ethan and his family to Disney World!  Ethan’s family has accepted the offer and Jeremy Lee with Wiregrass Travel is helping to plan the trip.  Within 24 hours they met the goal of $7,000 and had more than 700 likes on Facebook.  Right now, they are focused on sending Ethan to Disney as a VIP.  Any money left over will go into a trust fund for Ethan.  To donate; click on the link! http://www.gofundme.com/1zuwuw

Like the Send Ethan to Disney World Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/SendEthanToDisneyWorld

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