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13 Days Left Until Christmas 2012

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13 Days Left Until Christmas

Happy 12/12/12!  Unless you’re a baby that can read, you probably won’t see another post on a repetitive date like this . Jan. 1, 2101 — or 1/1/01 — is 88 years and 20 days away.  Also 12/12/12 could be called National Sound Check Day!  Check 1,2.  Check 1,2.

At the North Pole:

At the North Pole the elves do have a love life.  They do have chances to hang out with other people and yes some elves do fall in love!  There is a church and chapel in the North Pole which holds worship services and marriage ceremonies.  And at the North Pole Hospital there is a nursery to welcome in the newborns!

Christmas Song:

Winter Wonderland is a winter song, popularly treated as a Christmastime pop standard, written in 1934 by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith. Through the decades it has been recorded by over 150 different artists.  But I like this version from The Eurythmics the best!

Adult Gift Idea:


Down in Alabama it can get very hot during the summer.  So if you have a iPhone you could get the iPhone Powered Personal Fan.  This will help you stay cool!  Find at

Child Gift Idea:


Kids like playing with toy guns.  So if they have smart phones you could get the AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag.  Now they can play laser tag with their friends using smartphones!  Find at

Christmas Charity:


Mercury One was founded so each and every like-minded citizen does everything they can to be prepared for whatever may come.  Prepared for emergencies, both big and small, natural and man-made.  Have the food storage, medicine and necessities available, not only for your family, but to share with others in your neighborhood, church and community. Mercury One acts as a guide to mobilize Americans to assist each other as well as first responders: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For more information on Mercury One go to:


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