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5 Days Past Christmas 2019 – Winter Wonderland

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Geek Alabama Christmas Countdown. We are now past Christmas Day, but we know how popular Christmas songs are. So let’s continue to feature a popular […]

6 Days Left Until Christmas 2018 – Winter Wonderland / My 6th Favorite All-Time Candy

Only 6 days left until Christmas!  For today’s song, let’s feature “Winter Wonderland”, something we rarely see in Alabama.  The song was first written in 1934, and it has become a Christmas […]

17 Days Left Until Christmas 2017 – Winter Wonderland

  On today’s Christmas countdown, I am featuring the song Winter Wonderland.  There are many versions of this song from many artists.  So I am featuring the version from Bing Crosby.  Maybe […]

25 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

25 Days Left Until Christmas At The North Pole: Saturdays are a fun time at the North Pole.  The elves get to take a break from toy building to do something fun. […]

13 Days Left Until Christmas 2012

13 Days Left Until Christmas Happy 12/12/12!  Unless you’re a baby that can read, you probably won’t see another post on a repetitive date like this . Jan. 1, 2101 — or […]

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