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24 Days Left Until Christmas 2012

Geek Alabama Christmas 2012

24 Days Left Until Christmas

At the North Pole:

Saturdays at the North Pole are fun for the elves!  Outside of December they have the day off!  And what do the elves at the North Pole do for fun?  Well; they have a movie theater, arcade, bowling alley, sports complex, and a betting house.  Yes the elves do bet on big sports games we watch down here!  Gambling is in their blood!

Christmas Song:

Let It Snow has been recorded by many artists.  But this classic version recorded in 1959 by Dean Martin is still my favorite.  You can’t go through the Christmas holidays without hearing this song!

Adult Gift Idea:


Have a wizard geek in the house?  Does this geek also like to watch TV?  Then you want to get this Magic Wand TV Remote!  Find at

Child Gift Idea:


If your kids are begging you for a smart phone.  Why not get the smart phone without the phone.  The iPod Touch has everything you expect without the phone aspect.  Find at:

Christmas Charity:


Habitat for Humanity was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in Americus, Georgia in 1976.  This charity receives the help from former president Jimmy Carter and the organization has built over 500,000 homes!  This charity could always use donations to keep building homes for low-income people.  For more info. go to:

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