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9 Days Past Christmas 2020 – Let It Snow

This is the final edition of the 2020 Christmas Countdown, see you next season! Welcome to the 2020 edition of the Geek Alabama Christmas Countdown. We are now past Christmas Day, but […]

20 Days Left Until Christmas 2018 – Let it Snow!

Here the south, we hope it snows!  The song “Let It Snow!” was first recorded way back in 1945.  Although there are many versions of this classic Christmas song, the one done […]

18 Days Left Until Christmas 2017 – Let It Snow

On today’s Christmas countdown, I am featuring the song Let It Snow.  This classic song from Dean Martin talks about the joys of snow falling outside while you are inside.  Here in […]

18 Days Left Until Christmas 2014

18 Days Left Until Christmas 2014 At The North Pole: Another thing to think about up in the North Pole is, how many buildings and homes are there.  Well, there are not […]

Music Thursdays: Geek Alabama’s Top Christmas Songs

We are so close to Christmas!  I enjoy listening to Christmas songs each year.  Many radio stations are now playing Christmas songs in their rotations with some stations playing Christmas songs 24/7. […]

8 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

8 Days Left Until Christmas At The North Pole: The North Pole is an environmentally sensitive place, and no cars are allowed!  Only the occasional airplane that lands at the airport nearby. […]

24 Days Left Until Christmas 2012

24 Days Left Until Christmas At the North Pole: Saturdays at the North Pole are fun for the elves!  Outside of December they have the day off!  And what do the elves […]

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