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Trying to Win A Job

I wanted to enter this contest from CBS 42 and Youth Serve Birmingham.  The contest is for one lucky and qualified person with a position as a Summer Urban Service Camp Counselor!  The website said the contest ended on June 3rd but I got an e-mail today and I wanted to write this here for everyone to read.  Here is the first page; with my phone number and address blacked out.  And my mother’s info blacked out as well.  Don’t worry; I sent the original paper through e-mail.

Here is the second sheet.  The question was: at Youth Serve, we believe that life is always a journey.  Once we become adults, it does not mean that we stop learning.  Just as young people can learn from those who are older than them, those who are older can also learn a lot from young people.  Our volunteers are living proof of that.  One of the qualities we absolutely require is an OPEN MIND!

Why do you want to work with Youth Serve?  What could you contribute to Youth Serve? What do you hope to gain from serving as a summer staff member with Youth Serve?

The answer to this question is below this sheet.  I wanted to write it on here because my handwriting is not that great.

My life has been full of challenges up to today.  And currently I am searching for my 14th job in 6 1/2 years.  Before I graduated from school I always enjoyed helping with students, teachers, and people in the community.  And after graduating from school I struggled.  I moved around several states and held numerous jobs that did not last long.  And today I am struggling to find work.  I have been to numerous job fairs, interviews, and websites trying to find a job with no luck.  And I feel like this opportunity is a chance to show potential employers in the future that I care about the job that is given to me and I can contribute to the work place.

If I get this position with Youth Serve; I can show the young people that if you work hard you can have a successful life.  Volunteering can show anyone the good side of life.  Helping less fortune people can be a rewarding experience.  If you help people in need it can change your view of life.  When you help someone you improve your physical and psychological health.  And that good feeling can last the rest of your life!  And when you know you helped someone; you might come back and help someone else.  And the giving spirit can last a lifetime!  And anyone can volunteer no matter your physical or mental health.  I have Asperger’s Syndrome; but that did not stop me from helping people in school.  And having a disability does not stop anyone from volunteering.

If I get a position at Youth Serve.  I hope to gain meeting new people and a renewed spirit for volunteering.  I have been fighting to find a job with no luck.  And having this experience would be a great thing to cover on Geek Alabama.  Youth Serve would get more exposure and good stories to be put on the blog.  That might bring in more donations and volunteers to the organization.  Birmingham has gone through a lot in the last year and is still rebuilding after the April 27th tornado outbreak.  Telling good stories of people being helped will show people that the citizens of Birmingham and Alabama care about others.

No matter what you have gone through in your life; you can still find the renewed spirit to help other people.  I have been through child abuse, parent alcoholism, house burning down, and homelessness.  But I am still here today and wanting to help other people so they do not have to go through what I have gone through in my life.

For more info. about Youth Serve and the volunteering opportunities for young people aged 13-18 go to http://youthservebham.org/

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