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Fun With Soccer Collies

When I went to cover the Carrollton Georgia Mayfest Arts and Crafts Festival I knew I had to stick around and see the Soccer Collies.  And I was very amazed on how well-trained these dogs are.  The two collies named Ms. Z and Bek love to play soccer with people being the goalkeepers.  But the only problem for the people is these dogs are going to win every time!  These dogs are very trained with the soccer ball.  These dogs have gone on nationwide tours and have been featured in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and professional MLS half-time shows.  They have also been at many company functions, festivals, carnivals, parties, and much more!

When you look at the video and photos below you too will be amazed on what these dogs can do.  The people guarding the goals had a hard time keeping the dogs from scoring goals.  Of course it was hot on that day so the dogs got tired fast.  But if it was cooler I believe these dogs could have played for a long time.  For more information about the Soccer Collies go to http://www.soccercollies.com.  Hopefully one day the Soccer Collies can come to the Anniston/Gadsden area.  This is one of the many reasons I love dogs!

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