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Animation Monday: The Legend of Korra

Over the last weekend Nickelodeon premiered the new animation series The Legend of Korra.  And wow it was great!  This series takes place 70 years after the original series Avatar: The Last Airbender.  And technology in this time is similar to the technology in 1920’s Earth.  That’s why everyone listens to a radio during the pro-bender matches.  Korra is a seventeen year-old teenager whom leaves the Southern Water Tribe area and goes on a journey with her polar bear like dog named Naga.  By the way I really liked how big the dog was.

Korra arrives to Republic City; a bustling city that is a composite of several cities in China, New York City, and Vancouver.  Korra has mastered the elements of fire, water, and earth.  But she has yet to master the element of airbending.  Korra has much to learn in the city as she intervenes in stopping other criminal activity and got arrested.  But she got released when Tenzin takes her to Air Temple Island so she can start mastering the process of airbending.

Korra sneaks off the island and is drawn to the pro-bending sport and fills in and competes  with the Fire Ferrets.  She struggles at first but she starts using air-bending techniques and helps her team win.  Tenzin let’s Korra join the team full time while she is doing her training on the island.  Overall the first two episodes were great!  The animation was very powerful and perfect.  All the colors and sequences came together great and it made for a great show.

A big part about Korra in this series is being a teenager.  I mean many teenage girls can be a little hotheaded and wanting to take on the world and be independent.  You can see that all throughout the first episodes as she tries to fight some bad guys and sneaks off the island.  Also you see a little teen romance mixed in as well.  Most teenagers go through this phase and we see that.  It’s going to be a great experience seeing Korra mature throughout the series and see her learn many new things about living in a major city and teamwork.  I am also glad to see a female being the main character of a series that is going to be very successful!  This series is something Nickelodeon needs to boost ratings.  And this is the jackpot the network needed.  The Legend of Korra airs new episodes every Saturday morning.  Definitely watch this show!

Checkout a interview with some of the show’s creators from Toon Zone on the link below!

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