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The Meaning of Easter

Easter day is here!  It’s the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead.  It is also the day we come together to family and friends.  This video is a great illustration on why we celebrate Easter.

Today is also the day of the F5 tornado that hit Alabama in 1998.  It was a horrible day and it is something we all remember.

David Platt hosted Secret Church on Good Friday.  It was a live simulcast for everyone around the world.  Twitter was used all throughout the event.  Here are some of my favorite tweets.  And to all of you out there who read Geek Alabama.  Have a great Easter!

“May God make this night epoch-making in the history of His advance among the nations.”

“We may not be certain of the cause of our suffering, but we can always be confident in the purpose of our suffering”

“God is never tempting you to evil, but testing for good.”

“Our suffering is temporary and our God is TRUSTWORTHY.”

We have exported a false Gospel around the world of faith equating to prosperity.

When the gifts we enjoy are gone, God is still good. When we lose these things, it drives us deeper into the treasure of heaven.

“Why is this happening to me?” The answer may never be found on this Earth.

So far, the single most frequent word for the blanks is “faithful.” THAT is God in the midst of suffering.

We have a dangerous tendency to over estimate our wisdom

Do not reduce God in an attempt to comfort yourself. You will only move your life onto sinking sand.

God’s relationship to good and evil is asymmetrical. Sovereign over both but culpable only for one.

Our ultimate aim in suffering is not to analyze and evaluate the character of God.

Stop telling God what is good, God is accountable to you! You are accountable to Him.

Satan does not decide if we live or die.

Suffering is part of God’s design (book of Job).

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