The Evening Post: Rick And Morty Season Two Trailer

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I loved the first season of Rick and Morty, it’s a cartoon of a cross between comedy and sci-fi, and I enjoyed every minute of it!  Now, season two is about to land on our TV screens on Adult Swim, and they have released the trailer to season two.  The second season premieres on Sunday, July 26th at 10:30 pm Central, enjoy!

Powerpuff Girls Comeback And The Simpsons Divorce Are Causing Controversies


So who would have thought that the comeback of The Powerpuff Girls and the pending divorce of Marge and Homer on The Simpsons would be causing people to question these moves?  It turns out that these moves are not making many people happy!  Let’s start with The Powerpuff Girls.  Cartoon Network has announced a 2016 return of this classic cartoon show.  The characters will be the same, and the animation style will be mostly like the original, but the problem is the voice cast.

You see, most of the voices in this revamped cartoon will be new.  Nevermind the voice actors who voiced in the original series, and are still around and can be useful, like Tara Strong.  Who has been using Twitter to vent her frustrations!

And it’s not just Ms. Strong.  Lauren Faust and Craig McCraigen, the original creator of The Powerpuff Girls, have also vented on Twitter.

One could say that the original Powerpuff Girls helped to transform Cartoon Network into a great channel for original cartoon content.  Before PPG, the channel was mostly home to re-runs.  The reboot will be like the original, the only big difference will be the voice talent.  Instead of Tara Strong, E.G. Daily, and Cathy Cavadini, it will be Amanda Leighton as Blossom, Kristen Li as Bubbles, and Natalie Palamides as Buttercup. Tom Kenny will return to reprise his original series role as the Mayor and the Narrator.

Cartoon Network put out Vines to help us get used to the new voice talent.

Look, I am going to give this new series a chance.  Heck, the new voice actors could be better than the originals, we will see.  But, I wonder why Cartoon Network did not even inform the original talent about this.  They felt like they were stabbed in the back, and If In was in their shoes, I would have felt like that contestant on Survivor when I was backstabbed and was having my torch snuffed out at the same time.

I also feel like Cartoon Network is forcing this down our throats. The channel has mostly become a boy’s paradise where they only focus on boys, and don’t care about the girls out there.  Will a rebooted Powerpuff Girls give Cartoon Network something girls will care about, we will see.  Anyways, this show should be about the animation and storylines, not the voice talent.  I look forward to reviewing this in 2016!

Now, let’s talk about The Simpsons and their bombshell, not that Sideshow Bob will kill Bart in a special, the story that Marge and Homer will divorce.  And this news is something most people are questioning.  Because this is something FOX has done before.  Remember when Family Guy killed off Brian The Dog, and brought him back two episodes later?  Yeah, lots of people are thinking that this is a stunt to get more people to watch The Simpsons.  Marge and Homer will divorce, and will re-marry two episodes later so people will watch the show again.  Am I right?

The reason why I bring this up, the website ToonZone wrote a great article about this.  The article pretty much sums up why The Simpsons Wants Your Attention Again.  This is almost like when comic books kill off major characters like Superman, only to bring them back again.  I think FOX is doing this because ratings for their Animation Domination block are not that good.  And they want to do anything possible to bring more people back to the Sunday night block.

I mean, Homer gets narcolepsy and it puts a strain on the relationship?  Why not just kill off Homer or Marge, and use the time machine from Family Guy to make things back to normal two episodes later?  The Simpsons floated the idea of Marge and Homer separating during The Simpsons Movie, but you know what happened, they came back together.  And the same thing will probably happen this time around as well during the next season.  My question is this, when will The Simpsons end?

This show has gone on for way too long and the storylines have gotten very bland.  Every good cartoon series has to come to an end, including The Simpsons.  But, because FOX has gotten lazy with their programming and can’t find a good replacement for The Simpsons, we are stuck with them for at least two more seasons.  Come on FOX, do the right thing and retire The Simpsons, at least it was good series in the 1990’s!

Animation Monday: Transformers Robots In Disguise

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This week, let’s talk about the new Hasbro Studios cartoon Transformers: Robots In Disguise.  The cartoon is produced by Hasbro Studios and Darby Pop Productions in the United States, and animated by Polygon Pictures in Japan.  It is a sequel to Transformers: Prime, yet it is absolutely different from the latter series.  The latter series was Transformers: Prime, and there are some big differences between the two cartoons.

For starters, Prime was all CGI computer animated, in this new series, the animation is more like a cross between video game animation and Japanese animation.  The Autobots and their animation is pretty good.  But the animation for the humans almost seems a little video game like.  The animation features a lot more shadows, lines, and details than what you see in other cartoons.  I think the animation in this show is better than the animation you see on Prime.

As for the writing and storylines, they are getting better.  The first episodes featured Bumblebee as a beat cop with Strongarm as a cadet.  They arrest Sideswipe for vandalism, and soon these three along with Fixit and Grimlock are on Earth.  The reason these Autobots are back on Earth, the prison ship Alchemor crashed scattering its Decepticon prisoners across the world, so it will be the job of these Autobots to capture these Decepticon prisoners.


The Autobots are staying in this junkyard in what looks like Northern Europe.  The town is called Crown City, and you know the Autobots don’t want to be discovered and cause panic with the people.  I think the story writing and plots are okay, but it’s something that I am not dropping everything to watch the latest episode.  The biggest problem is it airs at 5:30 am Central on Saturday mornings.  Not getting up that early!

So far, I find Transformers: Robots In Disguise as an okay animated series.  Producers Jeff Kline and Adam Beechen are doing a good job with this series, it’s just the way too early premiere time on Cartoon Network might be hurting this series.  And with Cartoon Network, you can’t watch the latest episodes unless you or your parents have cable.  So it means some are having to pirate this series.  So, comparing this series to Prime and Rescue Bots.  I think this series is better than Prime, and I find this series as equal to Rescue Bots.

Well, the series is starting to tell some more character development and good animation, I have some high hopes for this series, let’s hope this show will last for a while!

The Evening Post: How Does Steven Universe Expand Our Ideas of Family

Geek Alabama Evening Post

This week on the PBS Idea Channel YouTube channel, let’s talk about family and Steven Universe!  Mike loves Steven Universe!  But what makes it so great? It’s a story of mismatched characters trying to save the world, but maybe there’s more to it than that? Maybe Steven Universe is really about Family, and how it’s impossible to define it… universally. What else, or who else can we call family? Are Fandoms family? Can things be family? Watch the episode to find out!

Animation Monday: The New Inspector Gadget

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Well, we are living in a world where classic cartoons are being rebooted.  If Ducktales can be rebooted for Disney, I guess Inspector Gadget was due for a reboot too.  If you don’t remember the classic Inspector Gadget series, I loved it while I was a kid!  The animation was hand-drawn, and I loved it everytime Penny was put to sleep with that sleeping gas.

So now, the rebooted Inspector Gadget has been put on Netflix.  It was supposed to go to Cartoon Network, but something happened where Netflix got the show instead.  Judging by the trailer below, I just don’t know.

The show is made from DHX Media, and for starters the animation is subpar.  I mean, this looks like a classic computer animation from something you expected back in the 1990’s when the first Toy Story came out.  The storylines are okay, and I enjoy seeing the action with the Claw.  And I liked seeing the new tech, which is an upgrade from the original series.  But, what is turning me off is the animation.


When you make something, you should put the best work you can into the animation qualities. Yes, I know that mostly all cartoons you see today are computer animation.  But, the computer animation has gotten so good that sometimes you have a hard time telling it’s a computer animation.  In this new Inspector Gadget series, it’s like the animation went back 20 years.  Along with the mouths sometimes not in sync, and the weird head tilts at times.  The CGI computer animation here was lacking.

Other things I thought about the series.  I tought having Tara Strong as the voice of Penny was a good choice.  And I can see this new character named Talon having some kind of date scene thing happening.  Yes, the good person having a crush on the evil person, we have seen this before.  I also like seeing Penny and Brian as partners with Gadget, unlike the first series where Penny and Brain were always behind Gadget.


But, the one thing that is killing me here is the animation!  If the animation was better, I would have approved!  The storylines are good, but the animation is off the mark!  This is a lesson to all the animators out there!  Focus on your animation work, the people wants good animation.  Not the lame animation we see in the new Inspector Gadget series, the people thank you!