The Evening Post: Dear Ryan Powerpuff Girls Parody

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This is a video that is certainly NSFW, because of the cuss words and the violence in it.  But the YouTube channel nigahiga did a very funny parody of the classic Cartoon Network show The Powerpuff Girls.  In the video below, you will learn why it’s hard for the girls to have no hands and fingers.  You will also learn about the creature Him, and don’t miss the shocking ending, enjoy!

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Animation Monday: Eight Kids Cartoons Adults Watch Infographic

Geek Alabama Animation

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I am presenting a new Geek Alabama infographic that all animation fans should love!  These days, not watching a kid’s cartoon because it’s for kids is long gone!  Today, most kids cartoons are made not only for kids, but for adults as well!  So in this infographic, we will explore eight kids cartoons on four cable networks that adults watch!  Adults are not ashamed in watching kids cartoons anymore, and you should not be ashamed as well!

The infographic lists the top two kids cartoons from each of the four main kid/family orientated networks (Hub Network, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon) that you see adults watching and talking about, it took a lot of work making this special infographic, I hope you enjoy it!

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Animation Monday: Clarence / Mixels On Cartoon Network

Geek Alabama Animation

On this Animation Monday, I am talking about two shows on Cartoon Network.  One show has shown a sneak peek and will premiere in April.  While the other cartoon is a short series airing on the channel.



Last week, Cartoon Network aired the pilot for Clarence.  While the series will not premiere until April, everyone got a chance to see a sneak peek of the series.  Clarence is an animated series created by Skyler Page for Cartoon Network.  Page, a former storyboard artist for the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, developed the series at Cartoon Network Studios in 2012 as part of their animated short development initiative.  The series revolves around a young boy named Clarence, who is optimistic about everything.

And yes, Clarence is very optimistic about his life.  In the eyes of Clarence, the world is full of possibility and wonder.  In the pilot, Clarence is the new kid in school and tries to invite his classmates to a slumber party while at school, Clarence does not get much response and one classmate even throws the invitation back to Clarence.  When Clarence gets home from school, his mother is making some food, but goes out to a Tupperware party.  You know how it feels when you are the new kid at school, trying to make friends is always a tough thing!


Luckily, two boys, named Jeff and Sumo comes to Clarence’s slumber party.  Jeff has a square head and I would consider him the geek/nerd of the three boys.  In the pilot, Jeff is always getting answers right on a TV quiz show and he does not like doing things he normally does not do.  I believe Clarence will change that!  The other friend, named Sumo, had all of his hair cut off by Clarence in the pilot, this is something I would never do.  Sumo is a party person and likes to take some risks, like releasing bees from a pinata, indoors.

Clarence’s mom is more relaxed and judging by the pilot, will let Clarence do whatever he wants.  The mom does have a boyfriend, named Chad, who looks like he is lazy.  Yep, he wears his underwear in the house, and drinks milk right out of the carton.  So after watching the pilot, I thought the storytelling was good, as Clarence and his friends will do many things real boys and girls might never even think of doing.  I would consider Clarence as a more grown up version of the classic cartoon Rugrats.  The animation is flash computerized, as most cartoons are animated that way today.  The characters animation is more basic.  The character’s teeth are very basic!


Yep, I think Clarence will do well for Cartoon Network, and their boy demographic.  The only thing I do not like seeing Cartoon Network doing, is starting Adult Swim even earlier at 7 pm Central at the end of March.  For those without DVR’s, the new cartoons will start even earlier, and it will force those folks to not see the new cartoons or go online.  Yeah, showing adult cartoons even earlier has some parents upset.  Learn more about Clarence at:



Mixels is a 2014 short form comedy animated television series currently airing on Cartoon Network and Boomerang.  The LEGO Group and Cartoon Network produced the series together with the help of world-class animators, voice actors, and toy designers.  The series revolves around the Mixels, small creatures that can mix and combine with one another in creative and unpredictable storylines.  Here is one short episode featuring the Mixels.

LEGO is hoping that the Mixels brand takes off globally.  A mobile app will be released for the series, as well as a website where everyone can learn about the Mixels, and three series of collectible Lego building toys based on the characters.  I wonder why we did not see any Mixels during The Lego Movie, I am willing to bet we will see some Mixels when The Lego Movie 2 comes out.  The animation in the short Mixels videos is not CGI animation, its traditional animation!  Something you don’t see too much anymore.


Mixels involves nine different, fun-loving tribes who inhabit a fantasy land of adventure and wonder.  They can mix (combining Mixels of different tribes), max (combining Mixels of the same tribe), and murp (when a mix goes horribly wrong) in all kind of situations, using the mysterious cubits.  All that stands in their way are the small, evil Nixels.  As you know, most cartoons are only created so toys can be sold.  And in Mixels, this is no exception! The LEGO Group will be handling all toy merchandise for the Mixels franchise, and Cartoon Network will handle all non-toy merchandising.

It looks like that Mixels is one of those several short series Cartoon Network is developing for online when Adult Swim expands at the end of March.  Yes, more people have computers and internet access, but Mixels should get some more air time on TV.  So far, the episodes released are not making me rush out to buy some toys, and Cartoon Network and LEGO Group needs to make Mixels a full-time 30 minute series.  That is, if they want to take Mixels seriously.  Learn more about Mixels at:

Videos and images copyright from Cartoon Network

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Animation Monday: The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed

Geek Alabama Animation

On Monday, Cartoon Network premiered the new Powerpuff Girls special called Dance Pantsed.  The Powerpuff Girls have been around for over 15 years and the folks from Cartoon Network wanted to make something to re-imagine the series.   In the special, Mojo Jojo kidnapped a mathematician, an opera singer and a badger.  The girls come and save the day by defeating a robot, with those kidnapped victims inside.  After the girls come back home, they go shopping, and they act in their kid like ways to convince the Professor to get them a video game.  After dumping the first video game, Mojo Jojo left a video game at the front door called Dance Pants R-EVILution, each girl was kidnapped by the evil game and turned into a mind-controlled robot under the control of Mojo Jojo.  The robot girls then kidnapped the mathematician, opera singer, and badger again.


To save the day, Professor Utonium, The Mayor, and Miss Bellum get into their dancing gear for a dance off!  The girls and the other characters can really dance, this is something I would never do!  Now I did find the ending somewhat rushed and really lacking.  How could the girls remember their own thoughts to break free from being an evil robot?  I just do not get that!  Other than that, I found the special very enjoyable, even though many people on social media panned it.

The animation in the special was outstanding!  Yeah, when I first saw the designs of the girls for this special, I was worried.  But the animators did some outstanding work in this special.  I thought the characters were animated better than in the original series, and I know some people won’t agree with me on that.  Plus, the background animation was some of the best I have ever seen on Cartoon Network.  The network must have spent a lot of money to make this special great!  The CGI computer animation had dazzling effects, and I thought this design of the Powerpuff Girls was much better than the original version.  And I thought Ringo Starr was great in this special!

All of the original voices were back for this special, and they were great!  But I found the girls as less mature and more spoiled.  Like during that store scene, the girls screamed and pretty much destroyed the store to get that video game.  I don’t remember something like that in the original series.  The girls were hilarious and I laughed at some of the scenes.  And I really thought the girls were very cute, much more cuter than in the original series.  I am guessing the writers were wanting the viewers to know that the girls are little kids who are in Kindergarten.  So kids that young are going to have some temper tantrums and crying moments.

One thing I found very surprising was Bubbles having ice breath.  In the series, I thought Blossom was the one with the ice breath?  Did some things change where the girls all have the same superpowers, or was this a writing error?  And two, I thought the last segment in the special went by way too fast.  You would think good dancing would turn the girls back into their former selves.  But nope, it was good memories of the girls and the professor.  My thought, how could the girls remember those thoughts?  They were mind-controlled robots!  Their entire bodies, including their brains, were taken over by a crazy monkey.  How could the girls even think of their own thoughts?


And Mojo Jojo’s plan for taking over Townsville was creating a softball team.  Now tell me, how is that going to take over the people of Townsville?  Now if the monkey said the taking over of the girls was his plan, it would have been a good plan.  But why was a softball game even in the plot?  Other than that, I thought the special was great!  Could this be the beginning of Cartoon Network making more Powerpuff Girls episodes like this, we will see!

Learn more about The Powerpuff Girls at:

Photos and videos copyright from Cartoon Network

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The Evening Post: Adventure Time What Does The Fox Say / Old Spice Mom Song

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight, I am featuring two videos to catch up since I was unable to post an Evening Post last night due to internet problems.  Tonight, I have two funny videos for you to watch!  The first video from Cartoon Network is a parody of the Ylvis – The Fox music video.  Only this video features characters from Adventure Time.  The second video from Old Spice is a parody of all mothers out there where a boy grows into a man, with the help of Old Spice products.  I thought it was a very creative ad!  Enjoy both videos!


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