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Sunday Discussion: Why It’s Almost Impossible To Score A Corner Kick Goal In Soccer

This week, since the World Cup is happening in Russia, let’s talk about the corner kick in soccer.  And why it’s almost impossible to score a goal after kicking from a corner […]

Even With The FIFA President Stepping Down, Why I Am Still Boycotting The World Cup

Today I had a whole another post about why I was going to boycott the World Cup until there were dramatic changes inside the FIFA organization. But then, a bomb fell on […]

Two Great Video Recaps Of The 2014 World Cup

So, who is missing the World Cup right now!  Germany won the World Cup this time around, while host country Brazil got flat-out embarrassed on the pitch.  So in this post, I […]

Good News Fridays: 2014 FIFA World Cup ESPN / USA Women’s Curling Videos

2014 is going to have a couple of big worldwide sporting events!  In February, we will have the Winter Olympics in Russia.  In the first video, the USA Women’s Curling Team provides […]

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