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Even With The FIFA President Stepping Down, Why I Am Still Boycotting The World Cup


Today I had a whole another post about why I was going to boycott the World Cup until there were dramatic changes inside the FIFA organization. But then, a bomb fell on FIFA. FIFA president Sepp Blatter decided to step down. I guess the pressure got too much for him, since the United States and Switzerland had the police breathing down FIFA’s necks. So what does this mean for FIFA since Mr. Blatter stepped down, absolutely nothing!

You see, the levels of corruption inside FIFA are extreme. No doubt Mr. Blatter was corrupt, but many other heads inside FIFA were also corrupt. And unless some of those heads were escorted away in handcuffs in Switzerland, they are still inside FIFA and ready to scandal victimize another country. Before I explain why I am still boycotting the World Cup until every part of FIFA is changed, I wanted you to watch this John Oliver piece about FIFA. He nailed it!

Where to start with the corruption inside FIFA? For starters, when Brazil held the world cup last year, the country spent billions that could have gone to help the poorer citizens, to build new and huge stadiums for only a handful of soccer matches. Today, those stadiums are either torn down, or are just standing there and not being used. This problem is not only with FIFA, the Olympics also have this problem. Let’s see, spend billions of taxpayer money to build venues for two-three weeks while the poor suffer, great going FIFA and the Olympics!

FIFA also has some major troubles over rewarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. The country is busy building new stadiums to host the World Cup, while using slave labor. Force the workers to live in squat houses with no running water and electricity, and force these people to work in 100+ degree weather with hardly any pay while their masters are watching over them. Over 1,000 people have already died, and estimates are saying up to 4,000 people will die before the 2022 World Cup. This is something you think came from ancient Egypt. But nope, this is 2015 Qatar. If I was leading FIFA, I would take away the World Cup to Qatar, and move it somewhere else immediately!

FIFA also has many problems with money corruption. Including handing over lots of money in briefcases, bribing and kickbacks on money, buying expensive stuff, and other things you don’t do with money from other countries. I wonder how Russia got the 2018 World Cup and Qatar got the 2022 World Cup? Can you say FIFA is swimming in a lot of money? It’s like Mr. Scrooge from Ducktales swimming in a sea of money in his safe.


But that’s not all! FIFA leaders are doing anything possible, and often corrupt, to get out of being in jail and being in trouble of the law. And the Women’s World Cup in Canada is about to begin, and FIFA actually suggested that women wear tighter pants and shirts to raise the popularity of women’s soccer, no joke! If this happened, guys all over the world would tune in not for the soccer match, but to see women’s breasts and butts. And for the first time ever, the Women’s World Cup is using artificial turf instead of real grass. That is no good, because soccer players have a lot of their skin exposed, and trying rubbing your legs on the artificial turf, it will leave a lot of burns and cuts.

And with the Women’s World Cup about to begin in Canada, you won’t see many FIFA leaders there, because they are actually afraid they will be arrested, and taken to the United States and be thrown into jail, that is how corrupt FIFA is. Even with Sepp Blatter stepping down, FIFA will continue to be corrupt. And until there are big and dramatic changes inside FIFA, I will continue to boycott any event hosted by FIFA, and that includes the Women’s and Men’s World Cups. I think United States soccer should also boycott the World Cup, and not send any team to play in the big game. Face it; with all of the bad news coming from FIFA, this has not got to be good news for soccer in America, including Major League Soccer.

Soccer already has a very tough time competing with other sports like football with a pigskin and baseball. With the heads of soccer being corrupt, all you do is have people in the United States tune away from soccer, and watch some Monday Night Football instead. And since I am encouraging everyone in the United States to boycott the World Cup, I hope we will see ESPN and Fox Sports decide to not even air the World Cup games, a message like this would be world shattering news to the soccer Gods.

But, since I don’t see FIFA changing their corrupt ways anytime soon, I think the best thing that could happen is Switzerland pulling all support for FIFA and forcing it to shut down. It would hurt the soccer word for a while, but a new organization would be built to regulate soccer around the world. And the World Cup would be a better event that is run without having countries spending billions of dollars on building new stadiums for only a few games and landing the big event by bribing people inside FIFA.

Will this happen, probably not. And why should I care. I live in the United States, where we care about football. Not the kind where you kick a circle ball, the kind where you throw and kick a pigskin ball. God bless pigskin football!  Now go John Oliver, and drink that Bud Light Lime!

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