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Science Mondays: Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The Gas Stove

Welcome to Science Mondays. Each Monday, Geek Alabama will feature a video or article about the world of Science. Our goal is to feature science topics and make you smarter, and in […]

Sunday Discussion: We Put A 2020 Time Capsule Inside DNA

From Verge Science, comes a story about 2020 and DNA.  As 2020 comes to a close, we look back on the big and small science stories of the year by building a […]

Sunday Discussion: The Science And Controversy Behind Your Lightbulbs

The tech that powers your lightbulbs has made huge leaps forward in the past few years, and is making a big difference in home energy use.  But shifting political winds are now […]

Learn The Real Reasons The United States Refuses To Go Metric

Mostly the entire world uses metric, but the United States is one of the very few holdouts.  But why, why does the USA refuses to go to the metric system.  The Verge […]

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