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Sunday Discussion: Why Trump Is Mad At TikTok, And Why Microsoft Wants To Buy Them

So, why Trump is still mad at Tik Tok, and why Microsoft wants to buy them.  The folks from This Week In Tech (TWIT) talks about this in the clip below from […]

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Catch Episode Four Of The New Screen Savers

It’s time for episode four of The New Screen Savers on this Memorial Day!  This episode features Leo Laporte with special guest Martin Sargent!  The episode focuses on two Kickstarter projects featuring […]

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TV Review: The New Screen Savers

As you might remember, there used to be a show on TV called The Screen Savers on Tech TV.  After G4 bought Tech TV out, TSS was a distant memory.  Somehow, you […]

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The Screen Savers Is Coming Back To Our Geeky/Nerdy Screens

Back in the 1990’s, a new show on ZDTV, then Tech TV, made all of us geeks and nerds happy!  The new show was called The Screen Savers, and it featured tech […]

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Sunday Discussion: Big Brains Media

First off; remember this video from last January?  Under the old blog name Young’s Blog I appeared on ABC 33/40 on the show Focus @ 4.  This was about the Shape Up! campaign. […]

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