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TV Review: The New Screen Savers

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As you might remember, there used to be a show on TV called The Screen Savers on Tech TV.  After G4 bought Tech TV out, TSS was a distant memory.  Somehow, you knew that Leo Laporte would want to one day bring back The Screen Savers, the time is now here!  So, on this Geek Alabama TV review, I will review The New Screen Savers.  If you just want to watch the show now, watch below!

The show will follow a similar format from the TV version of The Screen Savers.  The first segment talks about some of the biggest tech news of the week.  In this case, it was  the Tesla Powerwall and Microsoft Build.  For episode one, Leo brought back Patrick Norton, and it was like I was watching the classic TSS on Tech TV.  The two had some good chemistry, and I enjoyed seeing them talk about car batteries and Windows software.  And I agree, this country needs to invest in some infrastructure!

The next segment is called Help Me!  And it features a live video call from someone who is needing some tech help or advice.  Yep, the person wanting some help was stoked about being on The New Screen Savers!  And we learned quite a bit about wi-fi routers.  The next segment is kind of like show and tell.  We got to see the Raspberry Pi streamer.  And it only costs around $35.  This is something the original Screen Savers did great, show off new tech and let the viewers see how the new tech works.  This segment was the porn for techies, good stuff!

The next segment was a short meet and greet with the TWiT studio audience talking about the Microsoft Build.  If you know the show’s history, The Screen Savers has a studio audience, and while the show was on Tech TV, I always wished I was in the audience.  Well, I have another chance to be in the audience!  Then the next segment was a throwback when Leo got to talk with Kate Botello.  We will get to see her on a future TNSS episode!  It was a good conversation!

We then got another Help Me segment talking about hard drives and installing Windows.  Then we got to see the Hot Button.  It’s about a topic that pushes your buttons.  They talked about the resolution in the music you hear.  Did you know that the music sounds different between the lower quality audio and the higher quality audio, it was interesting to learn!  Then the last segment was The New Screen Savers mailbag, with an interesting mailbox!

The New Screen Savers will for now feature Leo Laporte with a rotating selection of co-hosts.  Kevin Rose will join Leo for the second episode.  And this version of The Screen Savers will be much different than the TV version.  There’s no commercial breaks, and you see quick video segments while the hosts move to the next segment.  Sure, you see some sponsors, but it’s not drawn out and Leo makes sure you can learn more about the sponsors than what you see during the TV commercial breaks.

Hopefully, the show will be around for a long time, and we might even get to see some new tech being tested out.  How about a driverless vehicle, or building a computer, or showing off a new phone.  Yep, I think The New Screen Savers is in good hands!  Thank you Leo Laporte and TWiT for bringing back The Screen Savers!  The one good thing about being online, it’s always on demand.  Since I am usually busy on Saturdays, I can watch that night or on Sunday.

The New Screen Savers will record live, every Saturday at 5 pm Central. You will be able to watch live at: And if you miss the show, it will be made available for download and streaming later in the evening!

Learn more at:

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