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Science Mondays: Ultrasonic Obliterator At 170,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Welcome to Science Mondays. Each Monday, Geek Alabama will feature a video or article about the world of Science. Our goal is to feature science topics and make you smarter, and in […]

Sunday Discussion: Slow Motion Sneeze In 4K – The Slow Mo Guys With Dr Anthony Fauci

For all of those people out there who keep saying masks don’t work or COVID-19 is fake, this video is for you!  Somethings were never meant to be seen at 1000fps in […]

See How Cool Lightning Strikes Are In Slow Motion

The Slow-Mo guys traveled to Singapore, and their mission was to film lightning strikes in slow motion.  Gav and Dan are up for a challenge and fly all the way to Singapore […]

See How A TV Works In Slow Motion

We all have one, and we all watch our favorite shows on our television set.  But, do you know how the picture is presented on the TV screen?  The YouTube channel The Slow […]

Watch The Slow Mo Guys Build An Fire Tornado

If you love tornadoes and fire, this video is for you!  The YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys got 12 box fans and built a fire in the middle.  After all the fans are […]

See What Happens When Go-Gurt Yogurt Tubes Are Crushed By A Heavy Block

Everyone knows Go-Gurt, and now they are wanting people to record their very own ways to extract Go-Gurt yogurt.  In the Go-Gurt Garage promotion, Bob Vila wants people to build machines to extract […]

See A Six Foot Man Inside A Six Foot Water Balloon Pop In Slow Motion

The YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys did a super Summer activity!  Daniel Gruchy climbed inside a giant six-foot water balloon as it gets filled with water. His partner Gavin Free looks on with […]

Watch The Slow Mo Guys Create Some Interesting Water Spinning Physics

The YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys have done a video where they show you some interesting water spinning physics.  The dyed water is filled into a condom, and the guys use a spinning […]

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