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The Evening Post: We Tried Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup Chips

On the latest episode of Southern Certified from It’s A Southern Thing, the crew tries Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup Chips from Lay’s.  Does this chip flavor taste like the real thing?  […]

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The Evening Post: Pickle-Ice Pops — Southern Certified

No, I would never eat a pickle ice pop, I hate pickles!  The folks from It’s A Southern Thing tried some Pickle Ice Pops.  Will Pickle Ice Pops pass the Southern Certified […]

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Foodie Saturdays: Dunkin Donuts Vs. Krispy Kreme Taste Test

There are two big donut fast food chains in America, some claim Dunkin Donuts is their favorite, while others claim Krispy Kreme is their favorite.  Now, a YouTuber bought donuts from both […]

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Watch Someone Rank Fast Food Fried Chicken In Bless Your Rank

Here in the south, we have plenty of wonderful fast-food fried chicken places.  But, which fast-food place has the best bone-in fried chicken?  Watch below as the It’s A Southern Thing series […]

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Watch Good Mythical Morning Taste Test Ice Cream Blind

People during the Summer love to eat some ice cream to cool down.  So, which brand from the grocery store has the best taste?  Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal taste […]

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Watch Good Mythical Morning Determine The Best Fast-Food Biscuit

Us people in the south love biscuits!  We get them as a breakfast sandwich, or we enjoy them along with our fried chicken.  Heck, anytime is a good time for a biscuit!  […]

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