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Learn More About Rocket City Weatherfest 2018 In Huntsville

This weekend is a busy one across Alabama with events.  If you are interested by weather and live in North Alabama, there is a event you should attend!  Rocket City Weatherfest is […]

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Music Thursdays: Tornado Titans – Paradise

I’m a weather geek, and love following the storm chasers during times of severe weather outbreaks.  And yes, quite a few weather people follow me on social media.  So, I found this […]

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Watch Spectacular Weather / Storm Videography In The Chase

If you are a weather geek like me, then you need to drop everything and watch this stunning video about weather in the Great Plains now!  The YouTube channel Mike Olbinski put out a […]

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Sunday Discussion: The 11-17-13 Midwest Severe Weather Outbreak

Today was a rough day across the midwest.  As of this writing, six people have been killed in Illinois and over 70 preliminary tornado reports and over 400 total severe weather were reported […]

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Sunday Discussion: My Thoughts on 4-27-11

Alabama has now gone one year since the 4-27-11 tornado outbreak.  The outbreak tested everybody in this state.  Many people suffered on the terrible day and many other people came together to […]

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