ABC 33/40 Storm Alert Tour at Oxford High School


Last night, ABC 33/40 brought their Storm Alert Tour to Oxford High School inside the gym.  A good crowd came out to hear James Spann, Brian Peters, Charles Daniel, and Ashley Brand talk about weather.  Some topics included the January snow bust, basic storm spotter talk, weather apps people need to download, day in the life of Charles Daniel, and talk about why people need to be weather aware and get ways to be warned of approaching severe weather.  Below are pictures I took from the event!  And yes, I even made a quick meme for you to enjoy!



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ABC 33/40 Storm Alert Tour

If you have not seen my post where James Spann spoke about using social media during severe weather; please read it here.

I really enjoyed the ABC 33/40 Storm Alert tour that made its final stop of 2012 at Pleasant Valley High School near Jacksonville.  A big crowd turned out to watch stories about the April 27th tornado outbreak.  And the lessons learned about that bad day.  The Meteorologists James Spann; Charles Daniel; Ashley Brand; and former ABC 33/40 meteorologist Jason Simpson told their own stories about that day.  Sure there was death and destruction on that day.  But what happened after that day to start the rebuilding process is what really matters.  Social scientists were there passing about papers for people to fill out to help improve the warning process.  And tips were given to help protect people during weather warnings like wearing a helmet.

Among the biggest stories showed was the tornado that ripped through the Shoal Creek valley in St. Clair County.  And the response that DCH Hospital in Tuscaloosa went through after the tornado went through town.  Some volunteer firefighters from Shoal Creek were in attendance.  Also The Real Greg Burgess from the Rick and Bubba Show was in attendance as well.   I really did take some great photos tonight so joy!

The first three photos are about the April 27th tornado outbreak.  One is the map of every tornado in Alabama and the intensity on that day.  The other is the names of everyone that was killed on April 27th.

This is a zoomed up and enhanced photo of the tornado that went through Tuscaloosa.

James Spann has a lot of fans!  The last photo is a behind the scenes shot.  James Spann is looking at a small TV below the camera so he knows when he is on TV to do his weather cast.  And yes he does use a iPad.

The newest Meterologist Charles Daniel is having fun taking photos with his smart phone.  Glad he took a photo of me!

Once the show began.  People watched the incredible footage of the April 27th tornadoes and the damage left behind.  We got to see what the Meteorologists were thinking about that day.  One thing I noticed while the videos were playing was the three Meteorologists reactions.  They were all thinking about something and had their eyes closed like they were praying.  It was a really tough day.

James Spann talked about some of the gifts he got from the people.  He also talked about a book he got from Cullman that had kids writing about the April 27th tornado hitting Cullman, AL.  And the video about that book was very good.

The biggest thing everyone needs to get out of this event is you need a way to get weather warnings.  Weather radios and/or alerts through your phone are the best ways to alert you of any severe weather that might be heading your way.  Never rely on a outdoor weather siren!  And research is now showing that wearing a helmet can protect your head if a tornado strikes your house.  And it might even save your life.  I think the meteorologists put on a great fashion statement!

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