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Good News Fridays: The Sockman / Marathon Man

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This week on Good News Fridays, I am talking about two different people who helps others!  One gives socks to the homeless, while the other runs in marathons in a superhero suit.  These are some good stories!

The Sockman / Socks For Homeless


Tom Mcnamara is a hero to many homeless who he meets.  To commit to his mission, he sold his house and bought a RV.  Tom travels the country in his RV and hands out dry, clean socks to the homeless.  McNamara has already distributed thousands of socks to people from around the country!  Tom was inspired to start this mission after seeing a Philadelphia charity called Joy of Sox doing a similar mission.  Along with Tom touring the country is his dog and his Chevrolet Spark.

Tom has met many homeless people from teenagers to veterans who are struggling with everyday life.  Some of these homeless people have given up on life and they don’t see much of a future.  Sadly, some homeless people, including veterans, don’t want to even be found!  Tom takes his RV to a metro area and parks it, then uses his Chevrolet Spark and goes around to areas with a homeless population and hands out new socks.  Socks are a very basic need for the homeless because they walk a lot every day.  Plus the socks keeps their feet warm, and this time of the year, new socks makes the homeless feel more comfortable.  And like in this video below, not all homeless people are lazy and bums.

Tom Mcnamara is currently running a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money so he can give away more new socks to the homeless.  Contributions will also go towards maintenance on his RV and car.  To donate money, go to:

The Marathon Man / Trent Morrow


Trent Morrow is a 40-year-old man from Sydney, Australia.  Having always been a big fan of sports growing up, the world of athletics was never a major focus for him with team sports such as rugby league and rugby union dominating during the winter months and cricket taking over in summer.  He played rugby union while in school and has a great sales career.  With his rugby union playing days coming to an end, Trent became out of shape.  So he looked for something else to do to stay active, and that was running!  Trent completed his first half marathon in 2007, and the rest is history!

Trent has completed the Marathon des Sables race across the Sahara Desert, and has completed numerous marathons in several continents.  In 2013, on the 20 year anniversary since the passing of his Mom and the reality that he had discovered his Step Mum was battling terminal lung cancer, he is doing something amazing, it’s almost like something super!  In 2013, he ran 161 marathons in 11 countries and 34 U.S. states.


In 2014, he is still running in numerous marathons including one in Mobile, Alabama.  And he has plans to run in the Antarctica Marathon in March!   His goal is he wants to have run the most official marathons on all seven continents in a period of one year.  Antarctica will be his seventh continent since March 2013.  In every marathon, you can easily spot Trent because he is wearing a Superman like suit!  Like this one!


Trent has set a world record and is raising awareness of cancer with his running.  It is important to him to be able to make a difference to help others going through hard times and hopefully inspire others along the way, as his Mom inspires him still to this day.  Good luck Trent!  Learn more about The Marathon Man, donate, and buy t-shirts at:

Follow him on Facebook at:

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